Noisily Festival Unclaimed 2023

Noisily Festival Unclaimed 2023

Update 23rd Aug . Thank you to all who kindly made Donations onsite for Services at Noisily Info . Please be informed that Donations collected  has now been  passed on to Macmillan Cancer Support ID3543216. Some of the Donations were from Last year. You can also find other receipts Here

11th -17th July 8pm Final update Noisily Festival Lost & Found Unclaimed

Well this is it.  There is only a couple of photos added .There  is no more items. Hope you find something of yours. A lot of items have  been claimed and updated.

A  recap for Lost & Found 2022  if  anyone is interested .

Thank you to Noisily for inviting  AAA to run festival  Info Area . Managing Lost and found is one of key features  onsite and offsite  in the hope to find rightful owners of unclaimed items.

Thank you to each one of you  including security, stewards who handed in found Items and entrusted us with them . .I am pleased to say that many items were claimed on site and lots of good stories.. There was the joy and tears of happiness  when some items were re untied  Thank you again, you made someone happy by looking out. Even the smallest item can have sentimental value to someone so always keep a look out…

20th July NEW important Please Help and  Share,. There was a pair of specialised Juggling balls handed in  but one got missing.This has now been turned up. The rightful owner took one of them and was very upset as they were very dear to him .Hope he checks here. Please help to find him.

 All unclaimed  items will be held for 6 months from the 17th July 2023 but do keep check now and then . I hope the person who the Jacket in the middle belongs to comes forward and the Tent.  There will be somethings which will never be claimed because they may not know about this webpage or Think anyone would have handed it in at Lost and found . I am pleased that a lot has  been Claimed.Most of the big items expect of the Tent have been but some smaller items still remain .

Noisily Festival Unclaimed 2023How to claim. Email : [email protected] Matter: Noisily Lost & found . Message: Item number and any useful info which makes it yours.Once the item is verified we will email you to a Link to make donation (Not compulsory if you are caught short)  so we can  return your item by post.

 11th July

 Keys: Van Key (D) Claimed & Posted


12th July

Passport: British  Willaim  xxxx  xxxx  ( CLAIMED & Posted)


UK Driving Licence handed separately 

1) Mr Thomas XXX Wic xxxx (Postcard Sent)  CLAIMED (asked it to be shredded)

2)Mrs Dorna  xx xxxx (Postcard Sent) ( CLAIMED & Posted)


Mobile Phones .

No 88 CLAIMED & Posted

No 89 : CLAIMED & Posted

N0 90: Under Case  £25 cash- Driving license Mr Sassan & Bank Card  (CLAIMED & Posted)

No 91  CLAIMED & Posted

No 92 Unclaimed


13th July 8pm

See photos wallets & Purses Contents

No 95UK Driving Licence Gabriella xxx Gxxx(Postcard Sent) CLAIMED & Posted)

No 96:Rachael xxx-Hoxxxx £13 + UK Driving Licence (Postcard Sent) CLAIMED & Posted

No 97: Single Key + xxxx

No 99. Michael Mccxxxx

No 98. No Contents

No 100. UK Driving Licence +  |Bank cards Isaac xxxxx  CLAIMED & Posted

14th July 8pm

1)Yellow Backpack  CLAIMED & Posted

2)Red  Backpack CLAIMED & Posted

3)No 140  Tobacco Pouch  CLAIMED & Posted

4)No 139 Vape  CLAIMED & Posted)

5)Mountain Backpack CLAIMED & Posted

6)131  Sliver Bracelet CLAIMED & Posted

7)-  Sandy coloured caving bag  with brass buckles & has fabric  CLAIMED & Posted

8) Item 119 white charger cable CLAIMED with Caving bag & Posted)

9) Item number 116 Camo glasses case and gold sunglasses  CLAIMED & Posted)

10) Item number 112 Prescription glasses  CLAIMED & Posted)

11)  133 and is a green leopard print big fan  Claimed & Posted



15th July  8pm update

Water Bottles

If your is amongst the water bottles.Point it and  Claim it .We will be bringing them back unclaimed Bottles to  Noisily 2024  they will be given away  like we did  this year of last years so do pay us a visit

1)The black and white Huel water bottle CLAIMED & Posted)



1)Black performers Hood CLAIMED & Posted

2)Cap with Flowers   CLAIMED & Posted

3)G Star brown/ khaki hooded anorak, CLAIMED & Posted

4) Tye & Dye T-shirt  CLAIMED & Posted

5) Purple hoodie with the white vortex  CLAIMED & Posted

6) Blue scarf CLAIMED & Posted

7) Black cap with brown triangle logo – Park brand  Claimed & Posted

17th July  8pm


Bank Card handed on their own, Just so know that there are Honest People and do hand them in.  All Cards have been Shredded as they can be easily replaced




1)Hi AAA team, thanks for the amazing job you’re always doing!  Iva

2) Number 90.  Thank you so much! 😊❤️🙏🏼

Ok, I just read the delivery details – you guys are legends! Very happy to make a donation. Sassan

3) Hey I have just seen that you have found my wallet, I have been in such a panic after loosing it. Item number 100 You really have made my day. Isaac

4)  Hi guys, I’ve just spotted my mobile on your website, Item Number 88. Thank you so so much guys, I’m so grateful for what you guys do! Rebekah

5) Thanks so much for your hard work! Samantha

6) Hey Access All Areas Thank you as always for doing this! Sarah 

7) I am so glad you guys have my hood! It’s been on many adventures and shows with me and hopefully many more ! Connor

8)Thank you so much for the work that you do. Andy

9) Thanks so much for the amazing work you guys do! I can’t believe how much effort you go too, it’s really great! Thanks ☀️.Francesca 

10) Thanks to the work you and the team do as well as to the kindness of the Noisily crowd for handing it in. Andy

11) Thank you for all you do. You guys also captured me and my friends adding to the mural which is just amazing, thank you! Xxx  Chelsey

11) thank you so much anyway for all your love and efforts appreciate you 🙂 x  Nikki

12) Thank you so so much to you and the team!!  You’ve helped us get back some very sentimental items!  Big love! See you next year! ♥️✌️😊Hannah

13) I’m so pleased it was found and people were lovely enough to bring it in!  131  Sliver Bracelet Stav

14) Hey you beautiful people xx Hope you all landed safely after anotjer epic week in the Noisily woods! Thanks so much sorting all this out you ickle gems, very grateful to you x Much love to all Mikki xxx

15) Hi Noisily lost and found amazing people!  I have spotted my lost T shirt on your web page! Chris

16) Thank you for aaamazing Noisily! It was my Dad’s caving bag- is sandy coloured can as with brass buckles & has fabric sections inside & manufacturers printed wording in black. CALMED  Laure

17) I received your post card and realised I must’ve lost my little purse with my provisional driving licence and Monzo card at Noisily! Thank you so much for being so proactive in letting me know! Gabriella 

18) Blue scarf is mine – how do I get it back xxx it’s from India and I love it. Nina

19) Thanks so much you beautiful souls xx I am at Green Gathering in Wales currently, been building our compost loos, painting mandalas and all sorts, looks like thunder warnings and rain tomorrow eeekkkk x Thank you for your amazing keep safe/return service and lovely messages, I need a water bottle on a lanyard next year ha ha x Love you guys x See you next year xx enjoy the rest of the season xxx love Mikki xx

20)Apologies this is so late; my brain sadly didn’t compute the possibility that you might find my reading glasses (item 112) … I even went and bought some new lenses ( I had a second pair of the Morel frames) … and it’s only because I now live with another person who went to Noisily that I discovered this list…

Please please let me know if you still have item 112 , the Morel frame with prescription lenses as they cost me a bomb, and I have just broken my replacement pair 🙏🏻
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙈 Hugo (Item 112 claimed)
21) Black cap with brown triangle logo – Park brand.More than happy to make a donation you guys are legends, helped me find my wallet and phone at the festival itself this year! Tom
22)I just saw on your site that my fan was found. It’s number 133 and is a green leopard print big fan with a green tassel. 10 November 2023 CALMED
23) Jan 26th 2024  I handed in a bracelet I found that I really liked. I hope it went back to its owner but if it didn’t you said to get in touch. It’s item 124 the silver one. I’m so glad I did the right thing but get to have it after all!  Thanks for all that you do its such a labour of love xx Jen  (Item 124 Silver Bracket  has now been Claimed by Jen (Finder Keepers)
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