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Over the last few years and as we all get a little older here at AAA we’ve increasingly reflected on the two decades of work, play and friendships we’ve enjoyed with the amazing crews and individuals we’ve had the pleasure to meet at parties, festivals and of course our record and ticket stores.

As we looked through old flyers, photos and the odd video we realised we needed to create an archive of our shared history for all of us to enjoy and for future generations to get a small sense of what we as a scene created and were part of whether you were a promoter, performer or participant.

Many of you will already have looked through some of the galleries we’ve posted of various parties and festivals that we supported, attended and worked at. But there is oh so much more to go though and upload (about a dozen hard-drives more!) including old zines, posters, backdrops, music and memorabilia.

We also want to recognise some of our leading lights who inspired and brought us together us with magical events, music and artwork that became both beacons and hubs of the scene.

But we want to build more than just a static archive. Our journeys aren’t yet over even if we’re not directly involved to the same extent we once were. Many of us have embarked on new journeys setting up projects and establishing communities that warrant linking and sharing with the scene along with revealing and inspirational literature, media and places to visit.

Call out

So if you have any material, memorabilia, or stories you feel could contribute to our archive we would love to hear from you because our history is a shared history and would be nothing without all of you who helped make it happen: promoters, performers and of course the amazing party people.

We are currently working on Memorabilia Private Collections

Please free to leave a comment or  contact us if you were a Promoter of parties in the early 90s and  have any material contribution you wish us to consider adding to our archive pages .

Do not hesitate to ask anything. We have a wealth of information and may just able to help you.  

We will  post updates on our Facebook of new project categories on our website



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