not a public nuisance

Not A Public Nuisance

Not A Public Nuisance! LONDON UNDERGROUND IS COMING TOGETHER ONCE AGAIN… Last year we held Not A Public Nuisance where hundreds of you supported a soundsystem up in court … well they got found NOT … Read more


Steve Smitten Benefit Party

ACID TECHNO RAVERS WE NEED YOUR HELP! Many of you know the classic 303 & 909 fuelled label ‘Smitten’, which housed seminal releases from artists such as D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Chris Liberator, Geezer, DDR, Immersion, … Read more

buzz sept 2018


Save the Bees fundraiser

prism progressive mar 2019

Prism London

Prism London…. Presenting a new electronic music brand conceptualised around a journey through sound. Creating events with no boundaries and endless possibilities as we look to bring together quality sounds all under one roof to create a sojourn of salubrious beats!
Our first event, held at the fantastic and revamped Steelyard, represents a celebration of electronic dance music fused with an audio-visual spectacle guaranteed to captivate, fascinate and mesmerise. In the main room Furthur Progressions Records – the UK-based purveyor of progressive psy trance, chunky techno and emotive house music – is turning 10 years old, bringing with them the immersive, imaginative and enchanting experience for which they are renown!

In celebration of this we invite you to join us in a sonic playground of music, magic and mayhem as a music spectacle is launched into the London night.

Main room lineup:


Bedders (UK – Furthur Progressions Records)

Cimi (IT – Furthur Progressions Records)

Hamish (UK – Furthur Progressions Records)

Multiphase (DM – Furthur Progressions Records)

Protonica (GER – Iono-Music)

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get off your acid 2

Get Off Your Acid 2

Brexit, Trump, Piers Bloody Morgan… we’ve had enough! It’s time to Get Off Your Acid and party!! Totally kick-ass night of acid techno and techno with some of your favorite DJs at the legendary Club … Read more