Noisily Festival Unclaimed 7th -10th July 2022

3D Printed by Russel Jordan

Noisily Festival Lost & Found Unclaimed

Update 13th Jan 2023.  We are still holding on to Unclaimed items until we figure out what to do. Will report here in Due course Meanwhile hope that something gets claimed

 UPDATE: 12 AUG 2022

This is it  folks. These pictures are the  last of the items sent to us by Noisily Production. The rest unclaimed were posted 16 th July you will find below and how to claim .if you to know more about  a particular item please email us.


No 111 Sound Freaq    No 112. Wallet  (L.Nash)     Mobiles: No 103 (Samsung) CLAIMED -Posted  –  No 104 (Samsung) CLAIMED -Posted  – No 106 Redmi Brand (Rafaele Bates) – No 107  (i Phone) – No 108  (i Phone) – No 109 (i Phone) CLAIMED –  No 110 (Samsung) 

All unclaimed items will be held for 3 months from NEW UPDATE: 12 AUG


Noisily Festival Lost & Found Unclaimed          

16 th July  Thank you to all who handed in Items they found at the festival at  and putting your trust in us ..I am pleased to say that many items were claimed on site.Lots of happy moments when items were handed over with all their contents including monies but many remain unclaimed .We  have been entrusted to find rightful owners of all Unclaimed items and will do our best starting with photos and hoping someone recognizes  their item and Claim it .A lot of them do have names of owners. We will also  be sending Postcards to any addresses we find  and also go through  records taken Onsite  at the Lost & Found desk to find rightful owners

if anyone of the you found something and were unable to hand it in or simply forgot please contact us .Even the smallest  item can mean so much to someone; There are 2 Items  one in  “Accessory” Snake Ring found by Karen and wished to find the rightful owner and the Colorful hat found by Meg Griffiths  under heading “Bags”

Everything that was handed in at Noisily info and remained unclaimed is now Photographed & Listed here. There may be a few more items Found during Clearing up & at Production we are waiting for so please do email us  and if it does turn up we will contact you.  We hope that you do find  something of your here, Please kindly let others know about this post  or to any names you recognize .Please  also check here again for updates to see how it going now  even if you emailed us and your items was not on here.We will mention  here when all item found are listed . Please see  NEW UPDATE: 12 AUG  “This is it  folks”

How to Claim: Email: [email protected] , Mention Heading and provide more information and other contents  so as we can  Verify that you are the rightful owner .Some have driving licence so DOB will do.  Donations Welcomed for postage & packing

All unclaimed items will be held for 3 months from NEW UPDATE: 12 AUG .Passport if not claimed within 4 weeks will be sent to the Home office.

Wallets / Purses / Bumbags / Pouches  and amounts found in Brackets

No 1  Viola Camilla Postcard Sent (CLAIMED /Posted ) No2  Oliver Maurice (£20) CLAIMED /Posted – No3  Empty Canister – No 4 Mr C Caseley CLAIMEDPosted    No 5 Andrew Labahn £4.71) Postcard Sent-CLAIMED-Posted

N0 6  No ID (£40)  –  No 7  Mikloj Niedorezo CLAIMED /Posted   – N0 8 F. Buchanan (£5) CLAIMED /Posted  – No 9  Miss K.King (£1.55) – No 10 Paraphernalia Case -No 11  Tobacco Pouch – No 12  Max Charles Mossman   (£1.14)Postcard Sent-CLAIMED -Posted – N0 13  Tobacco Pouch –  N014 Charlotte Louise Stephens Postcard Sent-CLAIMED -Posted  -N0 15 Thomas Callender.Postcard Sent CLAIMED- Posted-  No16  Richard  Morley (£15) Postcard SentCLAIMEDPosted- No 17  Tobacco Pouch  – No15  Leon Walker Champion Bag

No 94  K.c Carroll  – No95 Ciara Mackellar (£1)  – No 96 (Check Heading Bags) iphone  and wallet (Liam Walter)


Driving licence:  Michael Reid (Postcard Sent) –CLAIMED – Posted



No41 Claimed (Posted)  –  No40 Silver Bracelet (Claimed  Now Confirmed) –  No 42 Silver Ring –  No 35 Single Earing – No45 .Bag of Costume jewellery. –  Snake ring Found by Karen , wishes to find the rightful owner


Passports:    Jan Franciszek – Corners Cut and returned to Home Office   –     Michael Matania   (Claimed ) One happy person ,Was flying out On Sunday,sent a Courier to pick it up


Phones : To Claim Describe Screen Saver

No33 I phone Red Back (Mr J.A Griffins ) CLAIMED/ Posted – No32 Goggle Phone  CLAIMED /Posted  No34 -Samsung S9 CLAIMED/Posted   -No35  MobiWire (No Sim) – No 96 (Check Heading Bags) iphone  and wallet (Liam Walter) & No 78 Bag has  an Iphone


Sun & Prescription Glasses

No 23 & 19  are Prescription Glasses ,the rest just Sun glasses



We did say We would photograph everything that was handed in  and yes even A Mug & a single earing was handed in .There is couple of things in there might be important for someone,

 Slackline ratchet  number 67 CLAIMED – Posted


Bags :

Rucksack  73 CLAIMED/Posted  –  No 76 Cord shorts with Rasta belt CLAIMED /Posted  – No 72 Rucksack CLAIMED- Posted.   No 78 Bag has  an Iphone . Have not gone through all the  bags /

No 96 has a iphone  and wallet (Liam Walter)  –  The colorful Hat  found by Meg who forgot to hand it in.We can put you in Touch if it yours,


Camera Lens Cover



Item 51 Vape CLAIMED /Posted                                                                     same photo as numbered Vapes


Water bottles


Bank Cards handed in on their own  have been shredded.  but just so you know they were not fraudulently used.  Here are the  names . Next time do check in Lost & Found desk People do take the trouble of Handing them in

E. J Oliver – R.P Keenan – Jacob Brown – Daniel  Arnold  – Kate Breen – DV Seamons – A Wilceken – M.Granfors – S Main – J Young  – J McGowan –  D.Luke – A Poynter –  J.Belcher –  M Raine –  I  G Russel -Christopher  Fitchew


Emails & Text received
1) “Hi. I registered my iPhone as lost at Noisily but have magically found it wrapped inside my roll mat! Thank you for your help. Case closed! Much love and happiness”

2)Hi Thanks alot for your help on behalf of Milly and myself, the phone arrived today and I think she feels complete again now 😀 Best regards, David

3) Thanks   You`ve saved the Mf…….   day. Michael

4) Thank you for everything you do for us stompers. Roxy

5) Fantastic news!  I thought it was gone forever! Paul

6)Donations Welcomed but not compulsory  you are epic. Of course I will make a donation you guys deserve it and even there with the care of losing Bovril the Legend. That just confirms why I will be making a donation. Love you guys. Def see you next year and till the day I die. It’s my living legend promise.  Roxanne

7) Oh and thanks very much and what a wonderful group of people attending your brilliant festival. So good I’ve already bought next year’s ticket and can’t wait xxxx  Francis

8) Thank you for taking the time.  Brilliant Festival, got my ticket for next year 🙂

9)Thanks so much you are all great, I met one of you just before we left, gorgeous kind woman gave me the most lovely hug .  icki x

10) That’s perfect  thanks so much for all your help, I’m over the moon 😊 Amy

11) Thanks again Amin you saved their faith in humanity 💖

12) What you’re doing here is fantastic, I’m impressed!  All the best Hannah

13) You folk have made me very happy! You guys are going a gab job..Mr J.A Griffins   Thank you to  Chris at Noisily for helping us find the rightful owner of  an expensive No33 I phone Red Back We had a name on a card stuck on the back  and Chris found him for us.Amin

14) Thanks for an amazing festival.Best wishes,Cynara

15) Have just received the postcard thanks for finding my wallet !!1 It’s item no.5. Andrew 

16) Excellent thanks a lot! and i’ll save this to show my items losing to friends and tell them ‘see, not so bad’ Miko

17)Hey there guys, I am absolutely over the moon that my slackline ratchet was found!! It is number 67 Jordan

18)What a service! You are all such good people and you extra efforts have made up for my bad experience – all better now! Thank you soooo much.

19) Just looked at your lost and found and was over the moon to see my bag there. Number 72. Michael

20) Hello,  I believe you have found my wallet which is great news! Thank you so much.  I have made a donation and really appreciate your time on this!  Max


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