Tribute to Gordon Jervis – Dj Gordie 1946 – 2020

Listen to Underground Sounds whilst looking at the photos and reading Sentiments in Celebration of his life. Love you all .❤❤❤

Read Guy Geezer recollection HERE   about the recording session for  Organgrinder 10 with  Gordie.

Organgrinder 10 – Underground Sound – Us & Them, U And Me. Produced by Geezer.

Maggie Moon: My soul mate, my life. He will live on forever in our hearts and our memories xx ❤❤❤

Amin : My deepest condolences to Kris ,Maggie ,Family and to all the friends who knew Gordie .He was well loved and respected. He had great character and a big heart. Much respect and admiration .Rest in Peace Good friend .Always will remember the Jolly good times we have had for many years.   ❤❤❤

Mara Bruiser Such sad news…r.i.p.  ❤ ❤ ❤ XXX

Zebedee Gordie has most certainly left a hole in many of our personnel lives as well as the Underground. As with anyone’s passing they should be remembered and celebrated for what they stood for! I remembered me and Gordie getting a gig in Milan and as Gordie had never been abroad to play, possibly never been abroad or on a plane full stop (correct me if I’m wrong) the only reason he would do it was because he was going with me.On the day we flew i met him at a south London train station where he picked me up in a old London black cab went back to his. After this it gets a bit hazey but we had an excellent gig in Milan, it was a big squat community place and Gordie was avinit as always ❤ Rave in peace GORDIE ❤The King of Acid Techno

Chris Liberator  See you at the big squat party in the sky Gordie. ❤️R.I.P.

Carmel Reynolds Dearest departed much loved friend Gordie aka Gordon Jervis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Samira Faraj  Such a sad day, our legend he is gone for his last journey to the eternal world. May you rest in peace Gordon Jervis ?

Carolina Angelin    I remember him. Much love ❤️

Lorraine CockerLove you Gordon Jervis packing the kettle and the tea bags the guys better not moan if the power cuts when I plug it in x

Claudio Pichierri Such sad news!!!! Rest in peace!!!! Party with all our friends winch left this world and are up there!!!! Ciao Gordie will miss you ❤️

Johnnie Pankhurst  RIP Gordie Free spirit free party DJ legend ? ❤️

Beckybiscuit  Today is such a sad day, to lose a legend of a friend like you,  So now the angel’s have opened heavenly gates to welcome you, my friend, Who will never be forgotten right through to the very end.RIP, Gordon Jervis An amazing fellow with a great heart, now your out of pain and will see you on the other side with a nice cuppa, Thinking of your family and everyone that knew you and sorry for everyone’s loss. xxx much love on this sad day xxx

Richard Spike Masterton  RIP to this absolute legend DJ Gordie if it wasn’t for you the underground scene in London would never have been what it become you give a lot of people the best times of their lives, a lot of people gonna miss you. See you on the other side…

Giusy Frate Rest In Peace Gordie, you gave all of us amazing memories. My love to Maggie and Chris.  ❤️

Mirko Esposito R.I.P mitical To the history of the Raves q??

Esposito Sarah. My deepest condolences to  Kris Fareye and  Maggie Moon. One love ❤️

Lucy Day Have woken up this morning thinking about Gordie , as I’m sure everyone else has. Heartbroken for his family and close friends, and for everyone who knew him as an absolute legend and stalwart of the London underground party scene.Without him so much wouldn’t have happened.. and he was an unforgettable DJ.Gordie was the soundtrack to so many people’s first experiences of underground parties, and he had ALL the stories. He was kind and he always had time.Thank you for the memories, RIP Rave in Peace ???

Shana Gallina Rip DJ Gordie. What a legend.. Never forget seeing u at my 1st rave in ’99. Was blown away and the only two djs I remember from that first underground encounter was you and Zebedee .. I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday, impressed in my head, that 1st rave in Carpenters Road. Condolences to Chris n all your family and friends.??

Symon Potter :Sad to hear Gordon Jervis has passed. R.I.P DJ GORDIE. Glad to have had the pleasure of knowing you ? much love to the family ? xx — with Gordon Jervis.

Rachel Rackitt  Gordie the legend will forever be in our hearts and minds. Us them you me Underground Sound xxx

Guy  McGeeze I was deeply saddened when I heard you passed last Sat , even though we all knew it was inevitable sooner or later ..We used to chat a lot , mostly about music you were so Knowledgeable about loads of stuff you made me well Jealous about all the bands he’s seen and ting ..My favorite Gordie story is the infamous Organgrinder 10 “Us them you me” studio session ..I had the session booked in the studio for a few weeks .. The day of the session came .. first to show was Lawrence , followed by Mark and Sicknote . Then Gordie turned up with a van full of people including kris k , little lee , Jamie ,James , fizzy, big lee and others ..eventually I had about 12 people and a couple of dogs in the studio everything was flowing C-K’s everywhere the local off license was emptied a few times ..We got started and naturally I was finding it really hard to focus , Gordie stepped in and said I want to record a vocal I want this type of acid he knew exactly what he wanted .. Everything then became easy and was one of the best studio sessions ever .. I will never forget that great day ..The bigger the mirror the bigger the line .Real Acid Techno : ) You will be sourly missed big love always

Emma Collins  Never forget the time we were all coming back from goldsmiths on a Thursday and gordie got pulled over, old bill asked if there was anything in the back and to open the doors, the coppers face once the plume of smoke had cleared was priceless! he asked us all to get out, he counted us 1 by 1, 32 people and a dog 😂, by the time the shock had worn off for the police we had already walked off only to be picked up by gordie again, love you so so much gordie you will be in my heart forever❤️

Izz Holmes · Such sad news.R.I.P Gordon Jervis. You will be missed by so many. ❤️

Nina Morris : I will always remember gordie, new-year 96 best partt ever!!! Fly wirh the angels ❤️

Aly Play Wright R.i.p techno godfather gordie miss him already?????

Jo Mcloughlin Me and Charlie had a giggle as we remembered when Geordie babysat for our boys when we got back home we walked into living room and the walls were covered in crayons Geordie had let boys draw all over the walls He Said they were RAVING yeah Geordie never babysat again lol RIP Geordie love u loads always in my heart ? xxxxxxxxxxxx

Aus Länder  What a true legend and gentlemen, R.ave I.n P.aradise Gordie great party that was. ♥️?♥️

Mimmo Crisponi We had a hug Father GORDIE you will always be in the heart and we will dance for you forever you shoot us your music wherever you are in embrace ????￰゚マᄑ

Amir Ellahi   · I’m good with words but couldn’t say anymore than this. True pioneer who took everything the world threw at him and continued to boss it. Nuff Love to everyone feeling the pain.

Henry Cullen   Sad news today. The infamous free party DJ and all-round diamond geezer Gordie has passed away. He was one of the most respected DJs on the London scene specially during the 90s and early 00s when we were all out and about at squat parties every weekend. Always reliable, always there, helping with the rigs, driving people about, and always up for playing. He was famous for his rip-roaring super fast acid techno sets, and of course famous for being about 30 years older than most of us young pups. In later years I lost touch with him a bit, I played at one of his Birthday parties in London and it was great to see him albeit briefly, there were rumors he might make it to the Hydraulix party last year but I wasn´t expecting him to be honest, I knew he had health problems for quite a while. Funny really isn’t it? When this happens, like when a mate dies I ask myself how well did I know them? A really strange question you might think, but I think it’s just natural, just trying to evaluate how you are supposed to feel because each time we have a death it is different, it’s a different soul and a different vibration in the universe that will not be there ( at least not in the same way ) anymore, and I have trouble trying to get my head around that, I think we all do in our own way.One thing: I sent a Facebook message to Gordie not long ago, just asking how he was, I hadn’t seen him for ages, he was in the hospital, I was concerned that’s all.He wrote back, but instead of an “I’m fine how are you” ..type thing, he told me this amazing story about his life, which I won’t repeat because it was very personal, about what had been happening to him and how he really was, like REALLY how he was. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this scene of ours at that time something really clicked between us all and no matter how physically close we all are now we are all still very close, we know A LOT about each other, what each other is actually made of, WHO we actually are. Gordon Jervis was nothing short of a lovely bloke pure and simple and it’s very hard to lose him from our family. Love goes out to Kris Fareye Maggie Moon and family R.I.P: Gordie

Josie Rutherford   wont ever forget gordons driving!

Gizelle Austin RIP sweet Gordie … this planet has lost a true legend and gentleman. First of all, thank you for your music… you rocked the dance floor every time with such generous energy and put a smile on people’s faces. And most of all, thank you for the inspiration and for being YOU. There is so much love for you from so many people, because you were always kind, caring, funny, wise and humble. Full of love and anarchy and I respect you so much for that. My heart goes out to your immediate family and close friends.Travel well sweet angel … see you on the other side of the rainbow…

Geraldine Hutt RIP  Gordon Jervis. I will always have so much respect for you . I still remember many bits of advice you gave me . Mainly to just not give a fuck ! In a polite way .Such a gentlemen . You always made me feel safe and comfortable , always kept it real .Thinking of all your nearest and dearest today . Kris  Maggie Moon and the south London crew my deepest respect and condolences to you ❤️ ❤️❤️

 Sean Lyness  Rest in Peace now our God Father of The Underground, Your no doubt up there already organising the best venue to squat and party.I know this dont need saying but you will be missed by too many people to even put a number on. Thoughts going out to the rest of the family me and mine are thinking of you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Tribute to Gordon Jervis - Dj Gordie 1946 - 2020feeling devastated

Haylo s BoomWith a heavy-heart i write these words.?A REAL TRUE LEGEND has left this earth today to travel to another realm, to That great gig in the sky.Gordie you truly are my NUMBER 1 DJ, great friend, storytelling extraordinaire with tales of mischief, mystery and avin it people.(no one could compare to you)Thank you for all your wonderful sets and being you.  Until we meet again my friend. LOVE YOU FOREVER Gordon Jervis  Maggie MoonSinead Holland SkinnerSending love to all our family, friends and anyone that had the honor of being in the presence of such a amazing energy .Kris Fareye LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH????

Sonia Burrup Such sad news today. RIP Gordie,Thank you for your music & all the great memories you created for all of us who were part of the London Underground party scene. You are a legend and will be greatly missed. Sending lots of love to all my friends, especially to Maggie moon & Kris Fareye xxx

Sharon Groom RIP Gordon Jervis ❤ we are all eternal souls of love and light energy ❤ sending love and hugs and will see you on the other side with a cuppa fella ? Xx another angel in the spirit gone to get his wings now ❤ x

Diogo Carneiro Gomes Very locky to be at the dance floor this Day very Proud too.. thanks for all the Party,plays ,music ,moments and love !! R.I.P

Helen Bath RIP Gordie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Gordon Jervis????

Johnnie Pankhurst  RIP Gordie Free spirit free party DJ legend ? ❤️

Antonio Terzitta Rave In Paradise DJ GORDIE ?Gordon Jervis A true Legend Forever Us & Them, U and Me Underground Sound

Alex Krasnic  Devastated to learn of the passing of my old time friend and legendary deejay; Gordon Jervis (aka DJ Gordie). Much loved by all who knew him and a top, top, spinner. Had the honour of playing alongside him during the late 90s/early 00s and, more recently, at his 72nd birthday with the amazing

Tracey Maddi Leaver, Jerome Hill, Aaron Northmore, DJ Michael Parker, Roofrak and son, Kriss K. Rest easy big man, we’ll do a ‘back-to-back’ someday, I’m sure. Deepest condolences go out to Kriss and Gordie’s immediate family. RIP ??

Damian Borkowski  True legend in Undergroud acid techno scene

Michael Parker  Rave in peace. Sad lost and much love n respect to onepp of the originals of the scene. Must of been 2 yrs or so since last seen ya but used to look foward to your birthdays each year when we all got together for one nite for you mate. You shall be missed by so many. I never forget you turning up every saturday night bang out the acid then go to your mums for Sunday lunch and back to the party again. Again so many memorys and story’s. You shall be missed . Rave on brother

 Seonaid MacDonald So sad to hear of the passing of DJ Gordie ? x one of the true party pioneers xx ? onwards and upwards to the big squat party in the sky xx much love to all your friends and family xx ? ❤️

Matthieu Francoual  RIP  Gordon Jervis.I remember the first set you let me play on Underground Sound system in Vauxhall in the late 90s.I remember you were one of the first Dj that made me rave my 20s socks off for hours and always had time for a chat and a laugh afterward.I remember you told me once, you had enough records to play every weekend and never play the same track twice in a year!The underground scene has lost a valuable member of its team and such an inspiration in the underground London Scene!Dance in Peace my old friend and thank you so much!

 Sharon Groom  RIP Gordon Jervis ❤ we are all eternal souls of love and light energy ❤ sending love and hugs and will see you on the other side with a cuppa fella ? Xx another angel in the spirit gone to get his wings now ❤ x

*Diogo Carneiro Gomes  Very locky to be at the dance floor this Day very Proud too.. thanks for all the Party,plays ,music ,moments and love !! R.I.P

Antonio TerzittaRave In Paradise DJ GORDIE ?Gordon Jervis A true Legend Forever Us & Them, U and Me Underground Sound

Alex Krasnic   Devastated to learn of the passing of my old time friend and legendary deejay; Gordon Jervis (aka DJ Gordie). Much loved by all who knew him and a top, top, spinner. Had the honour of playing alongside him during the late 90s/early 00s and, more recently, at his 72nd birthday with the amazing Tracey Maddi Leaver, Jerome Hill, Aaron Northmore, DJ Michael Parker, Roofrak and son, Kriss K. Rest easy big man, we’ll do a ‘back-to-back’ someday, I’m sure. Deepest condolences go out to Kriss and Gordie’s immediate family. RIP ??

Jay Terrestrial A true gent and a real character. 25 people in the back of his van in the heady days of the massive London squat parties Rip Gordie

Damian Borkowski  True legend in Undergroud acid techno scene

Jerome Hill ·  A legend left us today. Rest In Peace Gordie. Such a gent who was ever present at every party in the Underground Sound and Manik days . He fought a long fight recently. I’m very sad I won’t see him again but also very happy reading all the love everyone had for him…

Michael Parker So much love and respect to underground trooper and back bone to us all. Us them you and me

Julia Jlynx ·  · Bye, Gordie… ❤️

Timothy Farrant Great story Gordie was a mate first time saw him play was at a squat party in hackney wick I store their for his whole set in total amasment how he handled the decks is playing arfter him fucked the first few mixes Gordie came over said just relax and feel the acid don’t worry about nothing just have fun

Federica Curti  Italian people use to call him TECHNO SANTONE. I really loved the BIG PERSON who was. Miss u GORDIE

Jackie Psy  Carpenters Road and Underground Sound for life!

Kule Vellman  I’ve been mourning the passing of one of my best friends, my second father, my confidon. A legend who showed me the way to party, work and enjoy life to the max.A week on and tears rolling down my face I don’t know what to write ere .He watched me grow from a Boy to a Man!! I am so glad I gave him a hug the last time I saw him.Rest in Peace Gordon Jervis?

Valerie Eicher  Farewell Gordie! U were my first favorite Techno Dj all those years back. Introduced to at the Wood Green Bingohall What a legend?

Mari Ana  Very sad to hear Gordie passed… Used to love reading his posts here remembering good times partying and funny stories and saying how much he loved his friends…  I will always remember him playing full on acid techno for hours and hours and the first DJ i really danced hard going to my first raves with Underground sound.. amazing time we all had together dancing to his tunes..  RIP another one of a kind i had the pleasure to meet him

Andrew Farmer Shalloe· Just heard Gordie has left us ? Rest in Peace my luverly luvnhugs xfarmsx xx ❤️

Caz Scally‎  Aww Gordie nooo, so gutted to hear you’ve become an angel, you were the backbone of the underground scene, best attitude ever, always a funny random story to tell over many a cuppa tea, brilliant sense of humour, always humble, always helpful, never a cunt or a dick, not to mention your talent…so much talent! Danced my heart out when you were on the decks, you had a style and sound, so much so that you could tell it was you on the decks way before you could see you…we,d come running down the front to dance to you!….thanks for all the good times babes…and thanks for driving all them times after days of raving…without you things wouldn’t of happened…..I’m so gutted hun, Rave In Party my old friend an I always got a cuppa for you, love you always Gordie you absolute legend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sam Jones My thoughts are with Gordie’s family. ?

Justine Cullen   Gordie was such an amazing and spirited person. I will always treasure all the fun we shared. Thinking of Chris K and all the family right now ?

Steve Voidloss Awe man. I think everyone seemed to get on with Gordie. Or more realistically Gordie got on with everyone. There was often rivalries and politics between soundsystems, but Gordie was always Gordie, just…. Nice, welcoming, not judgy. He reminded me of the connectedness of it all when things were stressy. I always had time for Gordy, hard not to be pleasant to someone so pleasant. ?

And on top of that his acid sets were just legendary, eyebleeding acid hypnosis, along with the standard spliff/Rollie hanging off his lip as he sleepily mixed together rapid fire acid cannons of madness. Big respect to Gordie, top bloke. RIP Xxx ?

Jo Bass Ohh this is very sad news. A total free party legend. ?

Jo Weal  Sad day…he was always just there.. will be missed xx?

Ben Qmaster Quarman Nice words and even if I did not know him I now feel we have lost a part of scene. RIP  ?

Letizia Ibarrondo Saiz He was a fucking legend!!!!?

Ché Johnston Sounds like a legend in the acid underground scene! I would like to say a big thanks for everything he did to help make the scene what it is today, big ups ! May you rest in peace and harmony and a huge thank you from the Melbourne underground acid culture ?

Danny Walsh  A beautiful, introspective and thought-provoking post there Henry. Sincerest condolences to all who knew Gordie. He sounds like a smashing man and we’re poorer for his loss xx ?

Ag Neya Last encounter with this kind man was on the fundraiser for his mobility scooter in D/ road early last year l think -he was there, coming up to ppl expressing his gratitude, he was touched that so many came and all he wanted to know was if ppl had a wicked time … what a bloke… they just simply don’t make them like that anymore

Eamon Lee I grew up with in a place called West Norwood your hill estate and remember Gordon very well and his brother r.i.p to the both of them sad news to say the least ?he was a good friend of my dad’s

Barry Howard Sorry for your loss. Thoughts with u and his family

Sian Marie Hughes  I‘m thinking of you and sending you the biggest cuddles and healing to the family the man sounded like an absolute legend who will have transformed the lives of many love you babe…. He’s not gone just left the room rip vip

Cécile DPwé  I can see Gordie at Crystal palace, a Sunday afternoon as if it was yesterday… I feel so sad, like a page’s turning…

Tek Nita  R.I.P GORDIE!!! Such a great person specially his music which he left it to us to dance

Leyla Perramor Gordie loved playing at this the 414. I was playing and he called me and asked if he could play. Of course Paulo Elementé said yes and everyone was over the moon, including the crowd on the dancefloor


Personal Note. Please feel free to Message me if you would like to add  any sentiment or share a memory  and any Photos for this Tribute.     Amin

Video:DJ Gordie + Kriss K : Restless Natives present The Trancentral Experience, London, 09/03/2012

Video: Gordie (United Sounds / Manik) = acid techno mix 1998

Acid Techno Mix by Dj Parker

Radio Event  Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 10 AM – 11:30 PM .

 Jason Pollard (Gordon Jervis) who sadly passed away Saturday 16th May 2020, he was much loved by so many, and everyone who knew him, has a story to tell, we thought it right to honour him in a way we know he would love, we are putting together a lineup of djs who loved and respected him, we will be confirming the lineup very soon so keep your eyes peeled. x Our thoughts are going out to all the family x

Underground Sounds Us,them,you,me – tribute to DJ GORDIE

Hosted by    Mix Hit Radio       Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 10 AM – 11:30 PM .

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