Farewell to Gordon Jervis – Dj Gordie 1946 – 2020

More photos after Eulogy

Farewell Eulogy

Poem by  Becky Biscuit.

Gordie’ had so much care and love, From his heart to us all, Now his soul has flown away like a dove Free from pain, standing tall, watching over each and every one of us. We will keep those great memories going and make him proud, shame we can’t be in one big crowd. Today is such a sad day to lose you, full of happiness, smiles to all you knew. Don’t say “you are going away”, as we shall all meet another day. You will always be our shining star now you will find home high above, where there is no tomorrow Just contentment, peace, and love. Oh’ Father in heaven we ask of you To take good care of our precious one, we shall remember the good he has done. So, now the angels have opened the heavenly gates To welcome a special Grandad, Father, lover, uncle, and friend, Who will never be forgotten Right through to the very end. xx By Becky Biscuit. Sorry for eating all your Biscuits. R.I.P Gordon Jervis.
Maggie Moon :  I would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who made Gordie`s send off so special, lining the streets to send him off was a really important part of his goodbye and those of you that could make it, smashed it. thank you for all the beautiful tributes and flowers and most of all the love that was shown and shared, you all done him proud xx
Carmel Reynolds   Gordon. Thank you for looking after me. For looking after all of us . Will never forget you. You will always be in my heart ❤️
Johnnie Pankhurst  Great send off yesterday for a Legend of the underground tekno scene. ❤️
Amin Karim  Farewell Good Friend. It was my pleasure knowing you. Like you said ” The party Keeps on Going ,only the location changes, You will always be remembered  RIP ❤️

Emma Collins  RIP  my beautiful friend Gordie love and miss you so much saying goodbye was so hard, forever in all our hearts ❤️

Mara Bruiser My heart and thoughts will be with all my London underground family today for the farewell to our beloved  Gordie R.I.P.
Mart D Aston  It’s all love and memory’s Mr G my bro xxx was a pleasure to share the times we so often did over the years….love you mate….R.I.P our V.I.P X
Mark Kelly   ya man on the telly R.I.P. V.I .P DJ Gordon Jervis gordie  Us them you me underground sound   

Symon Potter What a lovely send off thanks for sharing R.I.P Gordie xx

Sylvie Gotti  Gordie dearest, the day has come to say Goodbye.. THANK YOU , many moons ago you change my life, waking me up,,,,waking up the passion for dancing….you did it…my music did it…you set the path and i never look back.. THANK YOU 4EVER…and in good time we ll meet again….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Beckybiscuit Love R.I. P Gordy, big respect and love to you and family. I remember when you used to take us all in the taxi to parties, and then turn up and you would play a banging set and rock the dancefloor, and play for hours in the morning with Jerome Hill and Gizelle Austin, good old days and will always cherish those great memories we had. Rave in peace over the rainbow. xxx Much love and respect. Thinking of everyone, and we all loved you Gordy. Sad times, XX
Sean Lyness    Rest in Peace now our God Father of The Underground, Your no doubt up there already organising the best venue to squat and Party.know this dont need saying but you will be missed by too many people to even put a number on. Thoughts going out to the rest of the family me and mine are thinking of you all feeling devastated.Martin White Great send off for a great man and friend… bye Gordie
Caz Scally Thinking of our beautiful DJ GORDIE  See you on the flip side honey, get that party started up there, Biggest love!
Sol Rashbrook Thanks for everything Gordie, a true close friend and partner in adventures, miss and love you always me darlin’ . X

Beckybiscuit Love  I wish I could have been there to cuddle you all, lovely send off, I was crying watching the videos and the speeches at the chapel. Love to you all xx

Andrew Farmer Shalloe   Maggie Moon sorry I couldn’t make it but I was there with you all in my heart luvnhugs xfarmsx xx 💜💙

Michael Parke Sorry couldn’t make it Tried the stream but no luck. Bug love n hugs to ya all x

Danny Boiling  Was a good send off for such a well loved man ?

Ken Belsham Words can’t explain my sadness and feeling of loss as the day arrives when we say goodbye to a true friend and grandfather of our family those who no will understand the reference I could tell many stories and tales of our years of friendship and party’s but there our families memories I will only say this you stood by me and my family when I had it tough you taught me that speaking your mind can be a good thing if done with truth and honesty and always remember the day you told me you can’t please all the people all the time you can only be yourself simple words from a wise soul thank you Gordon my friend respect to the legend DJ Gordie and the most love on your final journey Gordie I will miss you from the bottom of my heart one love brother sleep tight till we meet again love you always kenny boy xx

Agnieszkaa Hoffmann My Angels so beautifull, super I love ya ❤️

Emma Vague it was lovely to see. Big love to all the famalam xxxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️

Geraldine Hutt I so wish I could of been there . Well done all of you . Lots of love

Ken Belsham Was a good send off for a great man x

Rachel Zatz . Was lovely to feel like I was there with you all to say goodbye. RIP

Natalie Curtis  RIP Geordie … thinking of you and all your loved ones today. ❤️❤️ wish I could of made it been on night shifts since Tuesday 💜💙

Johnny Kbz Rest easy now mate.. xx thoughts n love to fam and friends…. Rip Geordie.

Rachel Holmes  Thank you, I couldn’t watch it online, tried everything. What a lovely turn out. Wish I could have been there but you made me feel like I was a bit apart of it. Shedding a tear again for the wonderful Gordie. RIP you unique soul

Justin McKenna  Rainbows ? will shine much brighter now!! See you on the other side bruv x

Joel Marcus-page Rest in repetitive noise and beautiful light Brother Safe travels

Paul Funk I hope you spin on your deck for ever more …

Daisy Jane R.I.P. Gordie, rock the custard among the stars

Chris Cerveza RIP Gordie. Fly high from all of us in London Acid City
Michael Parker Us and them you and me underground sound  RIP Gordie x

Geraldine Hutt  I so wish I could of been there . Well done all of you . Lots of love

Ken Belsham Was a good send off for a great man x

FS Tomy   Maggie Moon💜💙🧡💜💙 xxx

Nina Morris Aww big hugs to everyone

Julian Liberator  See you again Gordy!! RIP

Lorraine Lawrence  Well that’s just made me cry ….beautiful xx

Gianluigi Alberti  Ohhh gordie good bye brother u gone but never forgotten and thank you to give us so many good old vibes and positive energy always u will be a true legend we will meet again somewhere in the clouds R.I.P brother gian one love always .

Jo Weal  Thanks for that.. lovely send off XX

Justin McKenna  Always positive never ever negative! Pure heart. What a legend thanks

Sharon Groom   rip gordie you diamond xxx

Aly Play Wright  RIP vip 3pound free party See u on the flip side grandad gordie love u xxxxxxxx

Marcin Januszewski  Gordon Jervis See you sooner or later Mr Dj Gordie



Photographs By Sylvie – Emma  Collins. Johnnie Pankhurst – Amin  Please let me know if there is anything would like to add on these pages.

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