Organgrinder 10

Guy  McGeeze I was deeply saddened when I heard Gordie passed last Sat , even though we all knew it was inevitable sooner or later ..We used to chat a lot , mostly about music you were so Knowledgeable about loads of stuff you made me well Jealous about all the bands he’s seen and ting ..My favorite Gordie story is the infamous Organgrinder 10 “Us them you me” studio session ..I had the session booked in the studio for a few weeks .. The day of the session came .. first to show was Lawrence , followed by Mark and Sicknote . Then Gordie turned up with a van full of people including kris k , little lee , Jamie ,James , fizzy, big lee and others ..eventually I had about 12 people and a couple of dogs in the studio everything was flowing C-K’s everywhere the local off license was emptied a few times ..We got started and naturally I was finding it really hard to focus , Gordie stepped in and said I want to record a vocal I want this type of acid he knew exactly what he wanted .. Everything then became easy and was one of the best studio sessions ever .. I will never forget that great day ..The bigger the mirror the bigger the line .Real Acid Techno : ) You will be sourly missed big love always

Organgrinder 10 – Underground Sound – Us & Them, U And Me. Produced by Geezer.

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