AAA Info Stalls

The team behind AAA started out holding info stalls at London parties in the early 90s long before going onto set up AAA and sell tickets for events. There was no commerce involved, just a place for people to hangout, share information or find themselves. We also passed on feedback to promoters, built up a register of skills that people wanted to share and helped with lost and found.

We went on to provide a full marquee service at festivals including Glade, Ozora and Boomtown acting as a buffer for promoters and providing a first point of contact for attendees. We prided ourselves on going beyond what would be reasonably expected: providing information, lost and found, phone charging and merchandise as well as collecting comments and suggestions for promoters, but also providing a safe space for those that needed it as well as all sorts of bits and bobs people might need: toiletries, sewing kit, arts and stationary equipment, blankets and spare clothes. We also collected comments and suggestions

Recently we have taken a break from offering this service, but feel free to get in touch if your event would benefit from a bespoke and friendly help and information service. We’re keen to pass on what we learned over the years and help positive-minded promoters to establish a template of their own. Please get in touch to find out more.

Along the way we also raised thousands of pounds for charity through the donations people kindly gave for our services and from the sale of unclaimed items from lost and found.

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