Lost & Found Appreciations


Here are some but by on means all the appreciative emails and letters received to  Access All Areas lost and found service. over the years .

None of this would  have been possible  if was not for the Honesty of people who took the trouble to hand in items  they found and in many cases valuable  items and monies.
Thanks to everyone who cared to hand in items and put their trust our service.You made a lot of people Happy and can see how much it meant to the owners. 
My Thanks to  Access All Areas  Crew at festivals over the years .. Read Dave Blond recollections on the onsite operation
  • Hey Amin. Love you guys. Aside from you personally sending me back my little black book I lost at a party in the late 90s, I’ve had many a good night thanks to the AAA crew. Good to see you on FB brother. Peace


  • Can’t tell you how grateful i am to see that!! Wallet Driving /License HSBC card Thanks guys, faith in humanity restored!! Dylan
  • you are flippin gems and diamonds and I am so so grateful thank you VERY VERY MUCH!!
  •  this is a great system you have by the way i ve not seen something like this before for getting items back to their owners!!  * Laura Wood
  • Brilliant site by the way! So good to know there are so many others who loose stuff, and even better to see the amount of stuff that’s been handed in! Amy Trotter
  •  G1 = my sunglasses lost on saturday night at boomtown!
  • Thank you so muchh!!!not cheapos to loose! Tamsyn Keen
  •  this is amazing news “emma ffrench” item 12
  • Hi there, thanks so much for doing the lost and found! driving license; “Dave Pownall”
  • Many thanks for finding and keeping it safe! “Henry O’Neill
  • Easy guys ! Cheers so much didnt think i’d ever see these again! “Luke Somerwill”
  • just checked the link for lost & found at Boomtown & I think you have my purse?! YAY if you have as I love it & it was on its first outing :0)Sarah Witts
  • We really think you lot are the bee knees and this aint the first time you have helped us both out. Thank you so much! “Richard Payne
  • Thanks so much for all your help! Becky
  • Im so happy i found this website. My friend has been able to find his driving license thanks to it too! Brilliant. natalie
  • Thank you, next year i’ll be more sensible!! Sonja : )
  • thank god i havnt bought a new one! this was a suprise :)driving licence “Lee Hayes”
  • I have been panicking about the loss of my house keys at Boomtown, saw your website this morning and all faith in humanity was fully restored!!!Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH you lovely people!!! “Jessica” 
  • thank you thank you thankyou!!!
  • Received both my licence and keys in the post today, thank you so much guys! “jade worner”
  • Also, would just like to say your doing a great job with the L&F! Keep up the good work “Rory William
  • So chuffed! MY passport has been found “Andrew Palmer
  • huge thanks for your efficiency, “Lin Heal” 86j
  • thanks for finding phone in camera case!!!! really massive thanks for contacting mum, may we have some details so we can get our beloved piece o fphone history back please? once again, many thanks! item 130 Jim MacGregor
  • Cheers Ye run a great service keep it up . Richie Flemming” 
  • Thank you for texting my mother, my phone is the sony ericcson W995 that I lost at BOOMTOWN, item number 128. Thank you so much for finding my phone,
  • Thank you so very much!! It is great to have my things back; it was so devastating to have lost it! Kind regards,Charlotte Lee-Gough item 86i
  • I’m amazed it even turned up, and thankyou for your time & efforts in returning it! Thanks again, and best regards, Alan Illjah” single master key
  • Kudos on the amazing work you do in reuniting lost items.Thank you for the effort Sam Waterhouse item 62
  • Thank you so much for finding my wallet. What a great organisation you “William Macleanhave.
  • Thanks for doing such an amazingly professional job on returning every one elses’ stuff-I’m most impressed! Regards Rowena Bass(nee Meyer).
  • thank you for keeping them and thank you to who ever found them “catherine obrien” lost keys!!! no. 50!
  • Hi my name is George Beaumont. I attended Boom Town this year for the second time and had an absolute blinder. Definitely the best festival of the summer by a long way. Anyway, amongst my fun and frolics I miss placed my car key (which wasn’t a problem at the time because my friend drove). I’ve just being looking on the lost and found site and identified my keys as n.o. 41. I am so glad someone has found them and handed them in.
  • Awww thanks soooo much Legends!! Appreciate that so much, thank you! “Lucy Gregson” 5th oct item 75
  • Thank you boomtown you absolute stars. Katie Yates ITEM NB3
  • Hi… My bag turned up this morning & you hadn’t even taken the change to pay for postage. You are truly lovely people! May all of you festivals be free of rain! Shit, I sound like a hippy… but, thank you!”Lin Heal 26th jan 2012

Glade 2011 Lost & Found 

  • Hope you’re well and thanks for a very fun festival.
  • My name’s Dom Harwood and I’m the owner of the blue and silver Sony Ericsson which is number 23 on your list of lost phones. You spoke to my housemate Evita on Saturday and you’ll find the numbers of Jack Foxton, Ed Currie & Chloé Stengel on there. The screen is quite “unique”. I lost it while having a great time in the ball pool on Friday night.
  • I would also like to thank you for an amazing 2 festis in the last couple weeks!! i was at sunrise to, beautiful weekend!! and thanks to the honest person that handed in my stuff! i hope some good karma is coming there way!! James Gillespie ITEM 33 AND 7
  • I think item C7 in the clothes section is my jacket, lost on Sunday night in the liquid tent, I did write down a report of it in the book, somebody picked it up by mistake and left theirs in its place, it was very similar but I handed theirs in hoping they’d do the same. I think mine is a Berghaus one, I’m pretty sure its that one. Thanks for doing an awesome job. JAMES
  • Thank you so very much.This is extremley kind of you.Regards James Chen-Wishart itmem Subject: 43. Lost travel card holder
  • You guys are amazing with the effort you go to to reunite people with their lost belongings.
  • In a similar spirit I’d like to offer to help if anyone from Brighton claims anything. I’m coming into Camden on Monday (June 20) afternoon and would be happy to collect items and bring back to Brighton for them (even its 3 manky, mud covered jumpers or one smelly trainer:
  • Happily I didn’t loose anything this time but you did reunite me with my campervan key years back, which was a close shave mini miracle for which I’ll always be grateful and have learnt to check one in to your locker!Do let me know if I can be of help,Best wishes,Diana Linden
  • Hi, I lost my wallet at Glade and I’s so glad you found it!! Here’s somedistinguishing info that will prove it’s mine: wallet no 42 Nathan Ahmad

Lost & found at Sunrise festival 2011 

  •  First of all I would like to say what a great time I had at your festival, and it has been made even better by my Dad telling me that you have called him to tell him that you have found my phone. Whilst on site I did register the phone as being missing at your lost and found tent.Thanks for making the effort to get in touch with my Dad and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Neil. item no
  • A friend has just seen on your lost and found at Sunrise that you have found both my jacket and my cardigan!!!! WOW The jacket means so much to me so super super happy. BLESS YOUR HEARTS! The cardi is code C12 and my jacket is C16. Please will you call me so that i can give you my address and any payment for you to send them to me.One relieved and happy lass. FAB Big love Ruth
  • thankyou very much!!! well done for the good honest hard work! francesca hammond

2011 – Lost & found at End of the Noughties part 11 New years Party

  • Hi There, Hoorah! you have my fiances hoody and coat on your lost and found. They are number 1 and 1/2. The hoody was inside the coat, although maybe not by the time you found it?! There was a set of keys on a large yellow keyring in the pocket (hopefully there still is?) and the badge on the coat says keep hackney crap! It’s so great that you guys do this! I did look for it on the night but the pile of clothes was huge and it was pitch black so thank you so much !!! Look forward to hearing from you guys! He’s gonna be so chuffed he loved that jacket! “Emily”
  •  Item 2/3 – stripy bag is mine – really thought that was gone forever! (Naomi)
  •  I have spotted a long sleeve black (mesh) top which could be mine on your lost and found. It is number 13/3 and the brand should say Cop.Copine somewhere. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance. Antonella4)
  • Dear AAAThanks for being so organised, yes i had left a few things there, although i would of eventually asked Dave or let go of them. “John McDermott”
  • Brilliant job.. thanks Amin, Balsz and Rob. “Dave Blond”  

2010 – Waveform Festival Lost & Found

I lost my passport at waveform this year and have just seen it on your lost list., how do i go about getting it back please.thanks so much, your all legends, would of cost me 100 quid for another one cheers guys Carl

Sunrise Celebration 2010 – Lost & Found

  • Thanks so much for keeping my phone safe until I came to get it. (Philippa Bryant Item 13 Mobile)
  • I would be elated so see my steak sandwich of a phone back in my pocketwhats standard procedure from here?  Can sort the postage moneys as Cornwall’s my home town. Or I’ve got relatives in Stockland so collection could also be arranged. And thanks for being so sound n tings, you know its appreciated folks

2010 – Lost & found End at the Noughties NYE Party

  • Hi there, you kind folk.  I got a postcard from you guys, today, telling me you have some lost property of mine. I assume its my wallet and jacket your talking about. I had to get back from Dalston to Wimbledon with no money and just a t-shirt! Nightmare and I was having a wicked night too! Oh well. So thanks very much for letting me know you have it. “Alex Bartolotti”
  • I wish to pick up my “sparkly zip purse”What a great news! I lost many other things that night (included my head…) but they are not on the list.. I feel lucky anyway…I am amazed by your honest and trustful handling of the matter.Thanks Antonella
  •  You lot are wicked! “Andy everywhere”

Waveform festival 2009 Lost & Found

  • Purple striped poncho (lent it to someone then never saw her again.If you are that person if contact owner ( Email now removed) Now Returned. Please read email below
  • “Hi there,I’m delighted to say that the girl who borrowed my purple poncho has got in touch thanks to your website Another successful mission for the AAA crew, much appreciated.” 24 Sept 2009

Lost & Found At the Glade Festival 2009

  • Would like to say a big thank you. I am well impressed with the honesty of people at Glade. What a great place! Haha! Nancy Pick No 85
  • .Cheers for this great service at access all areas, thought that was a goner. keep up the good work! No 43 Luke Charles
  • .Hey I thought i had it nicked out of the tent but I could be wrong. If you can confirm this is mine i’d be over the moon not to mention it would go to show that glade is the best festival going. Tommy Preston No 34b Claimed
  • .It holds some phone numbers that will be hard to replace. Please advise me on how to proceed with this enquiry. Thank you very much for offering this service. Craig Larkin no 34b
  • .Really glad there is a lost and found, I never thought that there would be one on the day!! Martin Baker
  • .Thanks for all the great work you do reuniting people with their lost possessions! Ben Wheeler
  • Im a so happy! Please can you tell me what i should do now? no 98 harry humphry
  • .Many thanks for the provision of this service regardless of my own pending success/failure Steve Mapes
  •  Big thankyou’s for getting in touch, actually borrowed the phone for the weekend so the rightful owner will be well chuffed no 2 Tim Le Messurier
  • Really glad there is a lost and found, I never thought that there would be one on the day!! Martin Baker
  •  I cant believe it! You have my wallet! So so happy!
  • How do I get it back? To be honest its just the €60 I desperately need. Annabel de Rougemont no 39
  • Hello! You have my purse!!!!! Thank you so so much!!!! It is no.54 red purse Thank you again, you are wonderful Rose Agnew
  • )ye the AAA guys were class & great to talk to thanks for the free phone charging aswell one of em took our photo aswell, think they said it was going on the site….
  • I’m quite amazed to how much lost items were handed back in. Just goes to show what a top crowd the Glade lot are
  • While i didnt actually lose anything (aprt from a few hours on saturday night) id like to say thanks to AAA for the great service they offer. We used the lock up facility and it was a god send. Many thanks!!!soundclash Here long enough to buy a round
  •  think this might have been my mates phone. We realised it was lost and 10 minuites later we were at the lost&found and it had already been handed in! The system works!
  • Thank you so much on my friends behalf, you saved her festival! She was so impressed with the lost& found
  • Thanks for letting me know, and for doing such a good job anyway Tessa Gilles
  • thank you very much you are life savers. Joyce
  • Hi i have been sent a postcard and found the items listed below which belong to me, many thanks for contacting me Roxanne Groombridge.Item 60b
  • I received a card through the door today to say U have found an item of mine thats great to hear no 40 Ezme Rickard
  • I received a postcard today informing me that my wallet had been found . i can confirm that this is mine and appreciate you getting in contact .(No 51Andrew Kahane
  • My friend got a text saying you’ve found my phone.That’s amazing Georgia Malcolm item no 9
  • Just wanted to say thanks for getting my driving licence back to me, and to the A.A.A. crew at Glade who were great. Never expected to get stuff lost at a festival back – seems like you’ve heard it from a lot of people, but anyway – amazing service, thanks! Tom richards
  • Hey guys, that is so amazingly nice of you!!! really appreciate it, thanks again so much. Gemma item 96A /62a Lost & Found, Sunrise Celebration 20091) I lost my favourite sunglasses.Luckily they’re on the lost and found section of your website! Many thanks!2) Bloody great service you got going on here, my mobile was given back to me at the fest when i lost it, the people at glade are well good!
  • I can’t believe it has turned up! Its a Chubb key on a black neck loop thing.
  • good job guys. really good job this year at the festival. all you guys were great and we really appreciate all that you did to help us have a great festival.
  •  I did lose some money and a cash card and thanks to the vigilance of your security staff, it was returned to me whilst at the festival (It was held at the gate untill i realised i had lost it!). just another example of how well organised Glade is and how fantastic the staff are in and outside the site. I will cross Heaven and Hell to return next year! thank you very much from all of the Pompey Pirates
  • Just went on your website for a long shot to see if you had my keys! Low and behold!! They’re on there!
  • Thanks very much darlins, u ave good eyes !!! “Mercedes”
  • I can’t thank you enough, speaking to you on the phone cheered me up so enormously I can’t believe it! My faith in humanity has been restored! Thank you so very much xxxxxxx
  • Had a fantastic time at Glade. Lost my wallet early on and thought it was well and truly gone. A mate said to try you to see what you did with lost property and I was amazed to see that someone had handed in my wallet.
  • heard you’d found my passport! hooray! i’m glad i waited to go get another one now. thank you so much for getting in touch. might actually be able to buy a drink again when i get my I.D. back. cheers!
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to the finder of my wallet and also to your team for sending it back to me. I really didn’t expect to see it again. So many thanks again to you guys and hope to see you again next year.
  •  My name is Matthew Robinson and I have received my wallet and driving licence which i lost at Glade festival. Thank you very much for going to the trouble of sending this to me, I really appreciate it.

2007 – Glade 2007 Lost and Found

  • Thanks very much for all your help – truly appreciated!
  • Thanks to the Access all Areas team for staffing the information tent, looking after our stuff and proving so helpful to so many people. Despite the weather we had a great time
  •  Thank god we live in an honest world.thank you, thank you very much Wallet no 8
  • Just thought I’d drop you a little line to say hello and thank you for cleaning me and my beer up at Glade!! What a fun, messy weekend – in more ways than one!!
  • cant believe it was handed in the goodness in human nature makes me feel so good some times.would be very happy 2 make a donation to contribute to keep the spirit and support you 4 doing this still cant believe it!!!!had an amazing time at the festival this has just made it so much better!!(Wallet no 17/18)
  • just really chuffed to get my wallet back.Even more pleased that it still had the money in it. That was unbelievable.Many thanks to you for the effort you went to to get the wallet back to me & thanks as well to the lovely mystery stranger who handed it in. Really makes me feel good about human nature..


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