Ozora Festival

Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

29th Jul - 4th Aug - 2019
Dadpuszta, Hungary

Psy-Trance, Alternative, Chill


Music: , ,

AAA +44(0)207 267 8320
Festival Website

Ozora Farm
AAA 02072678320
Dádpuszta, Hungary
>> Phase 1 tickets *SOLD OUT*
Phase 2 are Online Now
>> No weekend/day tickets available
>> Only ONE (1) ticket per order


Ticket Info  (click ‘More Info’ above for more ticket info)

Tickets are available from: 21st January 2019 @ 12:00pm (noon) CET and 11am GMT (UK time)

Phase 1 tickets: 140 EUR + 9 EUR service charge *SOLD OUT*
Phase 2 tickets: 185 EUR + 9 EUR service charge (limited to 13,500 tickets) *ONLINE NOW*
At the gate: 220 EUR (limited to 5,000 tickets)

Note: There are no daily or weekend tickets for sale.

Line-ups: Music, chill-out, workshops, healing, comedy and artwork:

Main Stage  *  The Dome  *  Dragon Nest  *  Ambyss  *  Pumpui  *  Circus  *

Artibarn (craft workshops)  *  Chambok House (talks)  *  Cooking Grove  *

Healion (healing)  *  Mirador (art)  *  Pyramid (dance/movement)  *

For lots of useful info please read ozora’s FAQs (frequently asked questions)

More Information


More Ticketing Info

To purchase a ticket your name, e-mail address and passport number will be required.

We only accept PERSONALISED tickets at the gate. This means that in order to get your wristband, the name assigned to the ticket has to MATCH the name in the passport of the visitor.

If there are more tickets on one name, the owner has to be there at the time of each entry, or the name has to be changed. You can also order an ticket in another name.

Transferring a ticket to a new owner

  • You can only transfer tickets UNTIL 20 JULY, 2019 midnight (24:00) CET.
  • To transfer you need to write to ticket@ozorafestival.eu from the original ticket holder’s e-mail address with the original ticket holder’s name, the new ticket holder’s name and e-mail address and reasons for the transfer request.
  • You can only transfer a ticket ONCE.
  • You can only transfer a ticket by paying the cost differential between the actual phase ticket price and the purchase price, which sum is to be paid at the gates.

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