DJ Gordie Farewell Fund Draw until 21st July 2020

Alan (Fizzie) Devito is organizing this fundraiser.

                             DJ Gordie Farewell Fund Draw

      midday on Gordie’s birthday, 21st July 2020

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The Family would like to thank every one for their donations so far until the 17th June

We still have some bits to pay for, so we have put Gordie’s record box up for grabs

This is the last set he played out, so precious in many ways and will also include his red record box

For each £10 donation made from Thursday 18th June, your name will be entered into the draw which will be drawn at midday on Gordie’s birthday, 21st July 2020

When making your donations on the go fund me page, please remember to add the word ‘DRAW’ to your name in the comments list

The list of records to be won is as follows:

  • Routemaster-route 23. Chris Liberator-23 seconds and counting/Geezer-nobody move or 23 nuns get it.
  • Furious Wax-A.Owen Acid and the Geezer. 100,000 (lemmy respect).B1.Fill devious & nesbit-we lost the drummer B2. no comment & nesbit-go on charlie
  • Smitten.DDR and the Geezer. A-mad cows on acid. AA-BSE
  • Raw 31. White label-GuyMcaffer & Roland the bastard-Untitled.
  •  Stay up forever-remix-Mishmash fuck with the program remixes.A1-Vibe bar rejects  free attitude with every pint mix. AA1. Ballonhead-oi, oi, part 2 mix.   AA2.Paddy and Sanchias – fuck mix.
  •  Routemaster+ Rote 23. Immersion 23.  otherside.-conspiracy 23-Dave the drummer.
  •  Stay up forever-A-Stay hard-stay up forever. AA. Sausage sandwich-Immersion.
  •  White label-smitten 28.
  •  White label.—-Organgrinder-( 2014 ).
  •  Raveyard records.-Rave to the grave EP-Matt acidic & Dynamic intervention-big bad wolf. Bad boy pete-XTC LSD KOKANE. mobile dogwash & acid ted-feel the grove.
    OB1 techno anarchist.
  •    Stay up forever. A-blow the bloody doors off. AA. a right bunch of charlies- DDR and Dave The Drummer
  •   Stay up foreverremix.trapeze artists general narcotics remixes. A-Mr burns and the Geezers ska-nka-delic remix. AA.indica+popeyes-montrealfix remix.
  • Cluster records.That side 1,two lerchers and a chromie.   this side.-Creeper der der
    der – cluster 50
  • Route Master records. Route 13. A. chemically driven.-B. techno slut.
  • Smitten-white label-Smitten 19.
  • Underground sound-White label- gordies original copy.
  • Routemaster records. Route 34. Halidated. A-Hal9000. AA-countdown 3000.
  • The  sound of smittenE.P. Smitten 50-C. dave the drummer-fat arse. D- Chris liberator- Fat lines remix.
  • Smitten SRX6 implant. A.acid techno is alive mix-Dave the drummer. AA. Ants Y2 mix
  • White label-Geezer.There A- The cheese grater.  Here B- hold on.
  • Stay up forever remixes 25. Crash n burn. santa pod. The ant remixes.
  • Cluster records No. 40. Arketec.  That side A-underground wave. this side AA time lucky.
  • The sound of smittenEP. B. immersion-Fat acid. A-geezer-You,ve just fucked up.  SMT50.
  • White label-Hello, Hello, Hello.
  • White label-Routemaster28.
  • White label-FAB, international rescue.  DDR and Immersion.
  • Stay up forever, A and E department. A-The rabbits name was. B-Cool and the gang.
  • Smitten,SMT 45. A 3 day illegal rave party from hell. AA comfortably Dumb-
    punk floyd.
  • Routemaster records. Route 36. A-peckham. B. New cross- Geezer.Wah Wah superbad EP. A1.supernatural and superbad-Daft punk meets the geezer.
    PA2. we,re at the brink-daft punk meets the geezer. B1.The tickler-DJ Itchy and the geezer.  B2. the chicken pill-matt acidic and the geezer.


Read Guy Geezer recollection HERE   on the recording session for Organgrinder 10 with Gordie.

Organgrinder 10 – Underground Sound – Us & Them, U And Me. Produced by Geezer.

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