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ZNA Gathering

ZNA Gathering

A cosy boutique gathering

19th Aug, 2019 - 26th Aug, 2019
ZNA Gathering, Portugal
Chill, Downtempo, Psy
AAA +44 (0)207 267 8320
Advance Tickets offline as of the 1st Aug ,Check for availability at the gates on the Event Fabook


The Venue – Montargil Lake

We have been blessed with the discovery of our magical lakeside paradise. In the 2015 edition of our Gathering, we felt everyone fell in love with our own, little idyllic corner in the Universe… Deep inside the Portuguese Natural Reserve we found a place with plenty of natural shade, a refreshing lake and a magical vibe. Comfort, beauty and good energies. This is our home!


Our goal is to bring feelings and sounds from the recent past back to life in a very friendly atmosphere through a special outdoor gathering. A moment where energy and communication flow in a retro-futuristic way. You can read more about our vision here


The ZNA Gathering program is carefully designed to bring you the ultimate psychedelic experience of all. Here is where all our devotion takes shape – it’s where we make sure we are able to exceed expectations, edition after edition.

Our dancing ground is located under the cool shade of old pine and cork trees. An area for physical and spiritual sharing, a space dedicated to transcendence, just a few meters from the refreshing waters of the lake, cool in the day and cosy during the night.

The list of artists is a true materialization of our effort and collective wishes. We believe it truly represents the golden age of Psy-Trance we all miss and love so much. Click here for the dance floor line-up.

Goa Guardians Night: This is the day you settle in, build your nest and recover from your journey here. During this “landing” day we’ll meet at the secondary stage, to get the party started through the musical hands of the most fantastic Goa Guardians! Special Dj’s from different corners of the psy world responsible for collecting, cataloguing, publishing and preserving our Trance music heritage. This will be the perfect moment to dance, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. And get the party started.

The full programme can be found here


Kids: As your family is our family we want them to feel safe, comfortable and happy in our Gathering. As such, we developed an area dedicated to the young ones. Here you can choose to participate in activities together with your children, at no cost. We guarantee a lot of fun and joy for everyone involved. This area’s team was selected for their dedication, love and – last but not least – professionalism and experience, in order to give your family an impeccable service.

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How to get there..

The charter bus service will provide a safer, more comfortable and sustainable ZNA experience, providing transport from Lisbon Airport directly to the festival and back.65/75Euros


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Map and directions to ZNA Gathering:

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