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House Warming Party.

Sat 15th Oct 2022 | 9 pm - 3 am
Subterania, London, UK
World Dance, Trance, Tribal
+44(0)207 267 8320


At last, the time for our BIG REUNION is upon us! Never before in over 40 years of Whirl-y-Gig have we had to wait so long to reconnect with the Whirl-y-Vibe in London. This is a massive moment and we will reopen at a new venue, the one and only SUBTERANIA in Ladbroke Grove. This will be the Whirl-y-Gig house warming party like no other. MONKEY PILOT will be joined not only by our favourite DR TRIPPY, but also for the first time on a Whirl-y-Gig stage the legendary MANDALA.

DR TRIPPY recently rocked Whirl-y-Fayre with his Punjabi swamp music, skanking dub spiced with eastern exoticism and splashed with celtic jiggery pokery. Releasing music on Disco Gecko Recordings since 2014, he is the technicolor technician.

MANDALA has been exploring psychedelic music and art since the 1990s and now is making big waves on Nano Records creating passionate and highly energised trance capable of elevating the dance floor to an ecstatic peak. He is the sonic sage we have all been waiting for.


Whirl-y-Gig is an event difficult to describe and a moment difficult to miss. With a strong and loving life force, the Whirl-y-Sound is a musical heartbeat for a future global family.

“Whirl-y- Gig has been in existence since the 1980s and for very good reason, for a fun filled, amazing night with great music and people it is without a doubt the place to go in London.”(Rock Industry June 2016)

“The intense atmosphere, the diverse clientele, that constant intimacy and openness – this is the way that Whirl-y-Gig has been since its inception in the 1980s.”(Vice January 2016)

Map and directions to Subterania:

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