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Ozora Festival 2020

Psychedelic Tribal Gathering

20th Jul - 26th Jul 2020
Ozora Farm, Hungary
Psy-Trance, Chill, Ambient · Andean-beats
+44(0)207 267 8320

Ozora Festival 2020

Festival is one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world. Started in 1999 to celebrate a solar eclipse, the festival has since grown into a behemoth.

One of the most immersive festivals in the world, OZORA’s six music stages are just the beginning of the festival experience.

Ozora festival is one of the biggest Psytrance Festivals in Europe, set up in a dream valley near the city of Dádpuszta in Hungary and it has a Lake.

Acoustic · afrobeat · Ambient · Andean-beats · application · Concert · Creative · Dance · Dark · Deep · DJ set · Downtempo · Dub · Electro-Organic · electronic …and much more

Artists fill the festival with colour, while activities, workshops, and more combine with a scenic site worthy of exploration to create something truly consciousness-raising.

Links to Line-ups: Music, chill-out, workshops, healing, comedy and artwork:

* Main Stage * The Dome * Dragon Nest * Ambyss * Pumpui * Circus *

* Artibarn (craft workshops) * Chambok House (talks) * Cooking Grove *

* Healion (healing) * Mirador (art) * Pyramid (dance/movement) *

For lots of useful info please read ozora’s FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Gates open on 17 July 2020, Friday 15:00 gates open for visitors

July 18th – 19th – DAY ZERO at The Dome (24h label night.

July 20th Monday – (( Opening Ceremony ))
   >> starting at 5pm, the stages have opening acts  From 19:30 they all gather on a march to the Main Stage, where at 20:10 the opening act starts, and at 20:30 the RUN kicks off the Festival)

Gates close on 28 July 2020, Tuesday 12:00 (noon)

Advance Tickets are available until 20 January 2020 – 12:00 (noon) CET
Presale 1st phase: 140 EUR + service charge (9 EUR) (6500 pcs)
Presale 2nd phase: 185 EUR + service charge (9 EUR) (until 1 July 2020)
At the gate: 220 EUR
Ticket Limit: 25 000 presale + 5 000 at the gate.
No daily or weekend tickets are sold.
Ticket Price includes free camping, car parking, use of all facilities.

TRANSFERRING A TICKET TO A NEW OWNER. You can only transfer a ticket ONCE.

You can do this  paying the cost DIFFERENTIAL between the actual phase ticket price and the purchase price, which sum is to be paid at the gates.

The rules of transferring a ticket do not change from last year, so they can transfer once, by sending an email to [email protected] from the original holder’s mail address, and the cost differential has to be paid at the gates.

So if it’s a first phase ticket, then 45 euros will be charged at the gate If it’s a second phase ticket, you need to send an email before 10th July, then cost-free.
Change the name at the gates, then 1st phase (220-140=) 80 euros, 2nd phase (220-185=) 35 euros will be charged.
If several tickets are with the same name, they will have to be changed at the gates and the fee will have to be paid, even if the person whose name they have is there at the time of entry (!!!).

Map and directions to Ozora Farm:

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