Ozora Festival August 2nd Aug-8th Aug 2021

Access All Areas are Ticket partners for Ozora Festival 2021

Ozora festival  is preparing for next yearʼs 2021 event with much positivity

Information  for 2020 Ticket Holders :

Those of you who have already bought your tickets have nothing to do – your  tickets are automatically valid for the 2021 edition.

Child-registration  : Children under  14 years have free entry but all under 18s need to register

2021  Ticket Priority Online Registration Arrow

Guaranteed  Priority Ticket,  you must Register First. No payment required

  • After the registration, you will receive a Ticket voucher that only becomes valid when the payment is done.There will a link to check your profile so do check all your  details are correct. You will also be able to change your profile photo


  •  Those of you who register and have the Voucher will receive an email as soon as the circumstances allow us to and make payment and validate your Voucher
  • Payment will happen in two parts : Phase 2 –   85EUR (+9EUR service charge)  &  Balance 100 EUR (cash only) at the gate.

       General Tickets sale:

  • As soon as the circumstances allow us, we will restart ticket sales with a split payment method which is the first step of our ticket systemʼs renewal unless pre-registration reaches the maximum ticket sale limit.
  • If the number of vouchers registered during the pre-registration reaches the maximum ticket sale limit, then there will be no launch of general ticket sales

      Tickets Registration Requirement: 1) Ticket Holder email  2) Name as on Passport /Photo Id  3) Date of Birth  4 ) Select Citizenship 5) Select Gender 6) Select your  Document country of issue 7) Choose your Portrait (recent photo). Visit profile afterin  Registration Confirmation Email.Photo portrait that you provided can be updated by visiting the check my ticket page 

online registration

Click “Accept “ at the bottom after reading below for the the registration Form


For lots of useful info please read ozora’s FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Terms & Conditions

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