Chrysalid & Wildthings 2022 Lost & Found

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NOT FOR SALE .LOST & FOUND @ Chrysalid &Wildthings-2022

Hi. It was a pleasure meeting many of you at the Check in Desk.We had a few reports lost items not Found . Hope they were found  during the festival and returned.

This is all there is left and kindly dropped in by Jason. Although it may be not much of a value some items we know how sentimental things can be right down to even the smallest items.

if you hold dear to something of yours Follow this link to Claim your Item  and mention the item number.

if you spot some thing and have no need for it please email  [email protected]  so we can recycle the item. Pass the Link to anyone you might have sold or passed on your Tickets to.

Here is what was found during clearing up. That is all. I believe there is no more unless one of you found something and forgot to hand it  if so please let us know  so we can add it to the list

Friday 18th June : All items will be kept for 3 Months.

Claimed: Item 12 Rucksack – Item 2 Red Coat  – Item 9 &12

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