Kathy’s Backdrops

Kathy, Amin’s life partner of 42yrs, designed and painted dozens of UV backdrops throughout the 90s  and 00s for London parties including Trancentral and Restless Natives and the information stalls they put on as well as providing much help and creative support behind the scenes. Kathy was always there keeping an eye on us, taking care of the little things that kept us going and allowed us as to flourish and continue to this day and for many years to come.

Her designs were influenced by her love of Art Nouveau – a reaction to academic art inspired by natural forms and structures. She was also an antique jewellery restorer in her own right specialising in 1910-1920s period.

Kathy also designed the original Access All Areas banner that can be seen in the footer of this website. Many of the backdrops she created were recently restored for a big party to celebrate her life.

Kathy sadly passed away in 2014 after a long illness, but she and the impact Kathy had on AAA, her family and those she met will always be remembered.

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