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The Giving Tree

Technology & Nature.

30th Aug - 1st Sep 2019
Psy-Trance, Theatrical, Art
AAA +44 (0)207 267 8320
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The Giving Tree Festival

Presenting a fresh new intimate gathering of electronic music, interactive performance art, engaging theatrical themes and flawless show design.

The Giving Tree Festival sets out to create an eco-friendly fusion of technology and nature.Join us on the last weekend of August and be part of the journey. Come meet the three tribes of Taika, explore the new world, dance under the branches of The Giving Tree and join us at the beginning of our story

The Giving Tree Festival is a new and intimate gathering of music, art, theatre and audience participation. Expect an eco-friendly fusion of technology and nature that will create a cohesive life style giving respect and honouring the planet and our fellow humans.

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Hallucinogen – Slamboree Soundsystem – Commercial Hippies – Lucas – M-Theory – Regan – Dirty Saffi

Shane Gobi – JourneyOM – Pogo-Tongue and Groove – Liquid Ross – James West – Mark Day – Aliji

Michelle Adamson – Kuba – Mixmaster Morris – Nik Sequenci – Overdrive – Svess – C.K./Montez – Florescence

However…  this is not just any new festival! Not only will you enjoy an incredible musical line up and high end production, but we’ll also we introducing you to a variety of interesting of characters we also invite you to get involved in the journey with us as we arrive at Taika – the planet of The Giving Tree. Rejoice in humanities quest to find peace, harmony and a sustainable life.  Join us as we gather around The Giving Tree and imbue your spirit with joy through dance, entrancing music and dazzling art whilst leading you to the roots of nature. You’ll be introduced to the three tribes of Taika, which we trust will inspire you to take control of your own story through immersive theatre and introduce you to a new rhythm that will inevitably have you dancing to the beat of the forgotten drum.


The Giving Tree extends its branches, inviting you to share a story about survival. With wild costumes, eye catching performances and entrancing music. Be prepared to bask in the light shimmering through the leaves with the three harmonious tribes. The first to inspire you to move freely on the dance floor, the next to warp you into other dimensions through their artistic flair and the final to create a vibe to bring you into tune with the phenomenal sounds. The clock is ticking, are you inbound to planet Taika?

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Event times :Fri Aug 30th 2019 – 12:00 PM – Sun Sep 1st 2019 – 11:00 PM BST

Set in a beautiful open air location less than 1 hours drive from London, The Giving Tree Festival sets out to create an eco-friendly fusion of technology and nature. Join us on the last weekend of August and be part of the journey.


  •  Early Bird Discount Ticket £89 (+ booking fee) (Period ended)
  • Phase 1 Ticket £105 (+ booking fee) 9th Aug  8am(Period ended)
  • Phase 2 Ticket £115 (+ booking fee) Online  16th Aug  –  7am  (Period ended)
  • Phase 3 Ticket £125 (+ booking fee) 16th Aug 7am  until  23rd Aug  (Period ended)
  • Final 4th Phase Ticket £135 (+ booking fee) 29th Aug  Online until the ferstival
  • Cars/Small Vehicles  available
  • Campervan/ Caravans  available

Map and directions to Hertfordshire UK:

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Live in Vehicle pass for The Giving TreeParking pitch. 7m x 5m area. Water and electric hook-ups are not available.£35.00 + £3.00 b/fee
Caravan Pass for The Giving TreeParking pitch. 7m x 5m area in Campervan Area.. No waste hook up, No Electrical Hook up. Caravans will have to purchase additional Car pass . Cars used for Towing to be parked in Car park£35.00 + £3.00 b/fee
Cars/Small Vehicles for The Giving TreeWe encourage carpooling and there will be a £5 on top charge for people who bring a car with two people or less.. Do check festival Information on other means of Transport£5.00 + £1.00 b/fee
Final Phase Ticket for The Giving TreeFinal Phase Camping Included Event date: Fri Aug 30th 2019 - 12:00 PM – Sun Sep 1st 2019 - 11:00 PM BST£135.00 + £9.45 b/fee
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