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SUN Festival

SUN Festival

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

15th Jul, 2019 - 21st Jul, 2019
SUN Festival, Hungary
Alternative, Chill, Psy
AAA +44 (0)207 267 8320

This year’s festival  is special as it kicks off with a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse!

The lineup is still under construction, but you can be sure that the artists are from the family… And there are some surprises too 😉 Also, this year we are planning to have more live music concerts on the evenings.

Here is a little sneak peek of the line-up just for You:

6 AM, Aerospace, Aioaska, Ananda Shanti, Andromeda, Anoebis, Antaro, Argon Sphere, Arhetip, Atma, A.U.M., Aumanoid, Aurafood, Breakless, Beathead, Boom Shankar, BPM, Bunker Jack, Champa, Chaandanee, Cheeky, Chromosome, Cord, DaoDe, DigiCult, Dinke, Djane Mir, E-Mantra, E-Motion, E-Mov, Exolon, Flipper Tripel, Gipsy Soul, Goa Bernie, Ibojima, Inverse Out, I-One, J.I.S., Jaraluca, Kimo, Kick Bong, Kory, Kuba, Kundalini, Lab’s Cloud, Life Extension, Logic Bomb, Lucky, Merlin & Lydia Delay, Metaverse, MHO, Micasphere, Micurinis, Mimosa, Mind Lab, Miso, Mush, Nëru, Oddz, Odiolab, One Function, Óperentzia, Oracol, Oshii, Parallel Dialog, Parallel Dimension, Pion, Pollux, Psymon, Psypha, Rix, Sabiance, Sabretooth, Shivanam, Shivatrance Project, SicRa, Side Winder, Skarma, Snag the Sunsheperd, Sorayanoid, Soul Kontakt, Soul Surfer, Spirit of Sun, Stuy, Subliminal Codes, Suduaya, Tabula Rasa, Takkra, Titusz, Toge, Toma, Tomato, Total Eclipse, Trala Lama, Vertex, Vodi, Wasquez, Waveform, Yarn & even more names to come! Stay tuned!
Looking forward to seeing You! ♥
The event will continue to be a LIMITED number gathering to keep the family atmosphere and to maintain the intact beauty of the local Nature.  


Super Early Bird tickets have now sold out, but there are still some Early Birds (€60 + €2 booking fee) on sale here.

Alternatively, you can buy lifetime membership for €200 here and never have to buy another ticket again!.

We will soon have more info about the performers and other programs, so stay tuned and check for updates Here

Looking forward to seeing You! ♥

 Early Bird: 60 € (only 100 pieces!)
Festival ticket (phase 1.): 70 € (only 100 pieces!)
Festival ticket (phase 2.): 80 € 
Festival ticket (phase 3.): 90 €
Weekend ticket online: 60 € (limited!)
Buy lifetime membership for €200  Here and never have to buy another ticket again!
At the door: 100 € (if available)

Map and directions to SUN Festival:

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