Dj Redmond Remembrance Sentiments

Amin Karim :  One year has passed since Dj Redmond passed away. Today 30th September 2020 is the day of his first anniversary.He was a close friend of many of us and have wonderful memories.He is  missed & remembered by many of us and we pay a Tribute to him.

Jules Turner: Christopher told me that you all were like family to him. Im so grateful to you all that you all were all fantastic friends to Christopher. I was always at ease when Christopher travel with some of his group of mates playing around the country’s as well in the UK because i knew his mates would look out for him with his diabetes. Christopher did say I have nothing to worry about as my mates look out for me. You all are fantastic so glad happy that Christopher had great people like you all. Thank you so much for your kind words for my son. i know he be looking down with both thumbs up with his lovely cheeky smile. you are all brilliant. wish i could hug you all. 😘🙋❤❤❤😭 xxxxxx
Mark Richardson  In remembrance of a True Free Party Legend and a genuinely lovable and sadly much missed face on the Underground Acid Techno Scene who tragically passed away this time last year. DJ Chris Redmond a beautiful soul who always Rocked the Custard at Raves.The Scratchmix Master… RAVE IN PEACE MATEY Xx
Mara Bruiser  R.I.P. Chris xxxx
Beckybiscuit Love R.I.P Chris xxx
Sterling Moss 💛
Jack Majic-Newman :Has it been a year already. Rest in piece Bruva, been rocking the custard in your honour 🙂 x
Richard Spike Masterton   RIP bro xxx
Mark Kelly :R.I.P. bruvva I can’t believe it’s been a year
Emma Collins :Can’t believe it’s been a year, RIP, always in our hearts mate ❤️

Sonia Burrup : Thinking of you today Chris. RIP XXX

Symon Potter: Rest in peace Chris, thoughts are with you & close ones today 🖤
Michael Parker : Rave in peace Chris x
Dan Hart : He is truly missed. What a legend. Thoughts are with Chris and what a great loss to us all it is. All love Dan Xxx
Maggie Moon :☹️
Cherilyn Saunders : I was only talking about him last night!! 🥰 lovely gentle guy….can’t believe it’s been a year 😢 R.I.P. Chris ♥️

Carmel Reynolds :❤️😢

Guy McGeeze : X
Agnieszkaa Hoffmann :One year already?! Yesterday i was though, it is so hard to me now when i can not go to church and pray but i go today making clean familiar graves Cementary is a good place of good memories I will be think about bro while ravin by dad ❤ Unforgetable mate !! Love you Xxxxx pozdrAA
Valent Pastor :I clearly remember both of you paying back to black at ANTISONAR . 2006
Henry Cullen : Rip Chris. ❤️❤️
Haylo S Boom :miss you so much chris had my first party with you and you showed me what a real party was and taugh me who was the best djs in the planet . love you bro . sending my love too all the family . forever we will remember redmond ❤❤❤❤
Geraldine Hutt : I wondered why he had popped into my head . A beautiful soul ❤️ .
Danny Boiling:  Hope your up there rocking the custard mate RIP CHRIS 💙💙
Paul Funk : What a brother, miss him
Caz Scally : Always with us Chris xxxxxxxx
Leyla Perramor :I was talking about him couple of days ago, remembering him with another mutual friend.
Marcello Perri : Rave in peace my brother ❤️
Karen Rashbrook : Xx
Gizelle Austin : ((( ❤ ))) xxxx

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