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Tribal Village

Tribal Village

A Psychedelic Adventure...

Sat 18th May 2019 | 10 pm - 6 am
The Steelyard, London, UK
Full On, Progressive, Psy
AAA +44 (0)207 267 8320
>> Photo ID required to enter venue
>> Last entry 3am

Tribal Village May 2019 Line-up
> Two music rooms and amazing mezzanine Chill Out and healing area.
> Deco & cutting edge production by GeoMatrix, Dan Catt Art & Miss Kieff
> Art exhibitions by Dan Bespoke Catt

* Clear Sound * Laser Show by Subsonic Systems * Stalls * Healing Area * Face & Body Painting * Acrobatic Aerials * Poi Performers * Photography * Jugglers * Psychedelic * Full On * Trance * Progressive * Down Tempo * Dub * Breaks * Chill Out * Good Vibes * Tribal Music * Friendly Security * Outside smoking area


:: Tribal Floor

:: Alienatic LIVE! (First time in UK – Netherlands)

:: Clov (First time in UK – Italy)

:: Cylon LIVE! (Grassopher Records – Japan)

:: Dickster LIVE! (Nano Records – UK)

:: Foose (Green Tree Records – Belgium)

:: Keewl LIVE! (Free-Spirit Records – UK, Japan) ( JOURNEY aka Jay OM + CYLON )

:: Sutekh (Boomshanka Records, UK)

:: Tron LIVE! (Zero One Music / Free-Spirit Records – Mexico)

:: VILLAGE FLOOR Hosted by Furthur Events feat. Furthur Progressions Records Music

:: Altered State Live! (Furthur Progression – UK)

:: Bedders (Furthur Progression – UK)

:: Miles From Anywhere (Furthur Progression – UK)

:: Miss Kiff (Furthur Progression – South Africa)

:: Neutrino LIVE (Furthur Progression – South Africa)

:: Spindrift (Furthur Progression – UK)

About Tribal Village

Tribal Village is the playground of the wanderers, the explorers, the mystics and the magicians. It is where our subconscious guides us in search of a story, where we find new beginnings, or where journeys complete their circle.

Tribal Village is our collective space, to explore the infinite realms of consciousness, and to re-discover our human experience from which we are disconnected. It is where the universe travels around us, instead of us traversing the universe. It is where we can explode and re-construct, where we can invigorate our imagination, and it is where we can suspend our fears and glimpse freedom, for a moment.

Take the road through Tribal Village! A hiatus from your long adventure is due; we have enchantment to share and tales to tell, wonder to bestow and people to meet.

Relight the fire! The tribes are gathering…

Parking Facilities:
there’s a NCP Car Park 100 metres from the venue, which is cheaper if it is booked in advance online!
Here is the link to carpark

Map and directions to The Steelyard:

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