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Small World

Summer festival 2022

25th Aug - 29th Aug 2022
Small World, Headcorn, UK
Folk, Gypsy, Funk, Ska
+44(0)207 267 8320
See "More info" If you want to volunteer

facebook We are absolutely delighted to announce  Small World Summer Festival 2022 – August 25th – 29th Aug

Five days of music, creative spirit & sustainable living. Powered by the sun. Intimate, intense, warm and colourful, the way festival goers love.

Small and safe so parents and children can relax and have fun. A sustainable community celebrating the sheer joy of creativity, trust and love.

An intoxicating blend of musicians, performers, artists, healers, craftspeople, colourful characters, jesters, magicians, families and party people.

Where Butterflies Find Their Wings


Music ✸ Arts ✸ Kids ✸ Crafts ✸Workshops ✸ Healing ✸ Cabaret ✸ Theatre ✸ Buskers ✸ Poetry ✸ Fire-Pit Sessions ✸ Walkabouts ✸ Games ✸ Dress-Ups ✸ Communal Fires ✸ Fairies ✸ Magicians ✸ Fire Shows ✸ Circus Skills ✸ Skill Sharing ✸ Saunas, Showers & Hot Tubs ✸ Site Shop ✸ Shuttle Bus ✸ Vegetarian/Vegan food (with the odd bacon sarnie and Sunday roast) ✸ Fair trade cafes ✸ Fully Streamed Re-cycling ✸ And about 5,000 years of experience within the crews

100% Solar Powered. All run off the equivalent of one kettle


A massive thank you for the poster artwork by Matthew Glyn Williams aka Matthew One Man. With additional graphics by Harry Binstead


Paula Berke: I’ve never been before… what’s it like.

Kara Richards: It’s the best festival I’ve been to in years, small, friendly and real.

Adam Bunting: Small World made me who I am today… So much magic there… Super excited for this year.

Unforgettable, overwhelming. Bless you ALL.”

…the most Amazing, Lovely, Musically rich and Happy experiences of my life”

Harvey Jacobs-Grant (9yrs):Better than my i-pad


Please Leave a comment  on  your Ticket order  if you require a Carers Free Ticket

Stewarding – [email protected]
Welfare – [email protected]
Re-cycling – [email protected]
Set up and pack down – [email protected]
If you want to contribute:
Artists & Contributors – [email protected]
Healing & Workshops – [email protected]

Map and directions to Small World:

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Standard Adult Ticket for Small World25th - 29th Aug, Leave by the end of Next day£140.00 + £10.50 b/fee
Adult Concession Ticket for Small WorldThis ticket is for the low income & Unwaged Based on Trust 25th August- 29th August 2022.Leave by the end of Next day£110.00 + £8.50 b/fee
Youth (16-17yrs) Ticket for Small World25th -29th Aug .Youth ticket can only be added with an adult ticket order£55.00 + £4.50 b/fee
Child Ticket (6-15yrs) for Small World25th - 29th Aug 2022 .Child ticket can only be added with an adult ticket order.£35.00 + £3.50 b/fee
Baby & Toddler Ticket (under 6yrs) for Small WorldFree Baby & Toddler Ticket (under 6yrs) can only be added to an Adult Ticket£0.00 + £0.00 b/fee
Deposit Ticket for Small WorldDeposit for Standard or Concession Ticket. Balance to be paid at the festival box officee£40.00 + £4.00 b/fee
Car Park (non live-in) Pass for Small World25th - 29th Aug June 2022 .Leave by Midday next day£25.00 + £2.50 b/fee
Small Live-in Vehicle Pass (under 4.5m) for Small WorldLive-in Vehicle Pass only: 25th -29th Aug 2022 Leave by Midday day after£40.00 + £4.00 b/fee
Medium Live-in Vehicle (under 6.5m) or Caravan Pass for Small WorldMedium Live-in Vehicle (under 6.5m) 25th -29th Aug 2022 . Leave next day£50.00 + £5.00 b/fee
Large Live-in Vehicle Pass (over 6 Meters) for Small WorldLarge Live-in Vehicle Pass (over 6 Meters). 25th -29th Aug 2022 Leave site on 30th£60.00 + £6.00 b/fee
Any 1-day Adult Ticket (Non Camping) for Small WorldAny 1-day Adult Ticket (Non Camping) between 25th -29th Aug 2022/ Gates open 10 am daily leave next day by 4pm£40.00 + £4.00 b/fee
Any 1-day Youth (16/17yrs) Ticket (Non Camping) for Small WorldAny 1-day Youth (16/17yrs) Ticket (Non Camping)) between 25th -29th Aug 2022/ Gates open 10 am daily leave next day by 4pm£20.00 + £2.00 b/fee
Any 1-day Child (6-15yrs) Ticket (Non Camping) for Small WorldAny 1-day Child (6-15yrs) Ticket (Non Camping) between 25th -29th Aug 2022/ Gates open 10 am daily leave next day by 4pm£10.00 + £1.50 b/fee
Any 1-day Car Park for Small WorldAny one Day between 25th -29th Aug 2022 until midday next day£10.00 + £2.00 b/fee
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