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Psy-Fi Festival

Psy-Fi Festival

A Shamanic Experience

15th Aug, 2018 - 19th Aug, 2018
De Groene Ster, Netherlands
Alternative, Chill, Psy-Trance
+44 (0)20 7267 8320

Welcome to Psy-Fi 2018 “A Shamanic Experience”
Trance is ancient and it has always been the shamans that guided participants into deep states of trance with their medicines, singing and drums. Often around campfires they sang their songs. We invite shamans from all over the world to the festival to set the energy on the dance floors and to heal on our sacred island. We view the Dj/producer as a modern day shaman that guides our visitors on our dance floors into trance. Our dancefloors are sacred spaces where people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor.

STAGES (line-up to follow)

Unlike last year we have decided not to sell day tickets, this decision will not change so if you buy a ticket, you are in for the ride 🙂

Guest country: Every year we choose one country that can buy tickets for a friendly price, this year it’s Hungary! If you are a holder of a Hungarian passport then you can buy your discounted “Guest country ticket”. Visit our website to find out how.

Five days and four nights of Psychedelic culture with …

* 6 Beaches * 5 Stages * 2 Islands * Swimming lakes * Open 24/7 * Free camping on lakeside *
* Supermarkets * market street on beach * 600m2 Psychedelic art gallery * Flea market *
* Post office * Healing garden * Lecture programs * Workshops * Ambient forest *
* Art installations * Open air cinema * Head shop * Campfires on beach * Sweat lodge *
* Hot and cold Showers * Lockers * Massages * Laser shows * 3d Projections and mapping *
* Mushroom ceremonies * Fire performances * Lots and lots of nature *



Psy-Fi’s mission is to create a space where visitors can enjoy art, culture, music, personal growth and nature. A place where we cooperate with each other, and where people of all religions, cultures, countries and other labels can meet each other as one. A free world where we can learn from each other, where we can be free and our selves in loving harmony and peace, even if it's just for one week.

The focus lays on the Psychedelic (sub)culture, a culture with core values such as love, unity, peace and respect. We aim to create a higher level of consciousness amongst our visitors through our programs. Our wish is that our visitors integrate a piece of the experience into their daily lives and take some of it back into society, where they can be an example for others.

The Psy-Fi foundation

We are one global family All Colours, all Races, one world united. We dance for peace and the healing of our planet earth, peace for all nations, peace for our communities and peace within ourselves. As we join all dance floors across the world, let us connect Heart to heart Through our diversity we recognize unity. Through our compassion we recognize peace. Our love is the power to transform the world We are one family.

Map and directions to De Groene Ster:

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