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Goa Cream

Goa Cream

Celebrating 30 years of Goa parties

10th May, 2019 - 12th May, 2019
Goa Trance, Psy-Trance
AAA +44 (0)207 267 8320

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Celebrating 30+ years of Goa Parties: The Music, Dance, Culture and Art .

Once again we will have the cream of Goa DJ’s and Producers to take us from the roots of Goa Trance through to the present day and into the future.

In 2019 to celebrate our 5th year we have two parties: one in May to open the outdoor party season and the second in September – our Charity fundraiser.

Tickets:colebrook park pic 2

  • General Admission £60
  • Campervan/Caravans £25
  • Car Parking £10
  • See More Info for Glamping costs

More info soon…

One World, One Love, One Dance floor.

Click More Info above for our Green Policy and Glamping details.

If you want to get involved please fill in our volunteer’s form here!

Glamping at Goa Cream 2019

After General Admission  you have two options for Glamping:

  1. A private Bell tent for up to 4 people (£200) or a shared tent with friends you haven’t yet met (£65 each). 

  2. The shared Bell Tents are split into Night Owls or Early Birds so you can rest in harmony.  

The Bell tents all come equipped with memory foam mattresses, rugs, throws, cushions, a table and lamps. 

For those coming from overseas or just travelling light, you can also rent single (£30) or double (£40) bedding, which includes: duvet, sheet and pillow sets. This means you can arrive hassle free, get shown to your tent and you’re ready to join the PARTY.

Thanks to The Tipi Hire Company

Green Policy

It is the responsibility of ALL of us as a community and individuals for the choices we make and how we live. The PsyTrance tribe is one of the best examples of conscious awareness I know of. We all love to dance in beautiful surroundings, we all know we should look after nature as much as each other. 

With this in mind, we ask you all to please: 

Fill your car or van with friends

Start the party at your door, its greener, cheaper and more fun OR Join our Goa Cream lift share page.

This year we are teaming up with charity Energy Revolution to offset your fossil-fuel travel miles to Colebrook Park. For every Car pass, Goa Cream will donate £1.00 and for every Campervan pass, £2.00 for you.  100% of this donation will be invested directly by Energy Revolution into clean renewable energy, thus helping to tackle the environmental impacts of your journey and turning a problem into a solution!   To learn more about this exciting initiative, watch the video or visit their websiteWhichever way you are traveling to the party, you can see your personal Carbon footprint by using their app the Travel Carbon Calculator, you will find Goa Cream in the dropdown menu ” What event are you traveling to.”

Take your Rubbish Home!

We will recycle all the waist generated at the party and provide recycling stations but we expect you all as much as possible to take the packaging of food and goods, you bought with you to Thoulstone Park, home and dispose of in your own recycling.

Bring Your own Plate, Cup or Tankard.

We have asked all the caterers and stall holders to use only recyclable materials and no single use plastic. Paper cups, food containers and wooden cutlery are better than plastic but are still made from trees. You could also bring your own cutlery, maybe its more hygienic? Due to the nature of the beast and budgets this year we will still be using recyclable plastic cups at the bar, mind you these can be used more than once. To reduce this use further you can bring your own cup or tankard. For obvious reasons. No glasses please!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Bring the energy you expect to find and leave nothing but smiles.

Map and directions to Tonbridge Wells:

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