DAAD Gathering 16th-19th June 2022

Event info: Gate opening: 15 June 2022 15:00 – Gate closing: 20 June 2022 15:00

Venue: Dádpuszta (Ozora Festival Venue)

Ticket information:

No daily or weekend tickets are sold.

IMPORTANT Due to Hungarian regulations for mass events, to purchase a ticket, you have to provide us with your name (as in passport), nationality, date of birth, gender, identification document issuing country (passport, ID card, driving license), and a recent photographic portrait.

PHOTO PORTRAIT  is not a copy of your ID document. It is a photo of you (face recognisable, no sunglasses or hats, just like a photo needed for an ID document) that you upload, or you can take through the ticket app when purchasing a ticket.

If you are going to order from your PC then we suggest you do this in advance and upload the picture when purchasing.

 Only PERSONALIZED tickets accepted at the gate. This means that in order to get your wristband, the name assigned to the ticket has to MATCH the name in the passport of the visitor.

According to Hungarian regulations for mass events, we will store and protect your personal data provided for ticket purchasing, and we will not disclose it to any third party.

Ist Jan 2022 – !st Feb 2022

Payment will happen in two parts: 54EUR (+4EUR service charge) online, and the remaining 40EUR at the gates in cash.
(You also have the option to pay the full price (98EUR) if you would like to.) please check other Dates and Ticket prices




You can only transfer a ticket ONCE.

You can only transfer a ticket by paying the cost DIFFERENTIAL between the actual phase ticket price and the purchase price, which sum is to be paid at the gates.

The deadline for transferring tickets is 10 JUNE, 2022 midnight (24:00) CET. The requests we receive after that time will not be processed.

To transfer you need to fill a TRANSFER REQUEST FORM with your (original ticket holder) and the new holder’s details.

For more info please, visit our Terms and Conditions.

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